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440.82 AUD
61 touch-sensitive keys, 600 sounds and 195 rhythms - lc screen, data-introductory dial
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Near CTK-240H7 - electronic keyboard. model (CTK-240H5) - connector type (DC-in jack) - batteries included (no) - number of products (49) - batteries required (yes) - year of manufacture (2012) - includes rechargeable battery (no) - weight ( 2.8 kg )
445.56 AUD
Is fed through batteries or power supply - it has 195 types of preset rhythms - it has 61 touch-sensitive keys - it has 160 preset songs - automatic energy saving: yes
788.42 AUD
76 piano-style keys, 820 tones and 260 rhythms - lc-screen, data-introduction dial - 100 dsp effects, arpegiator and tone and rhythm editor - tone-inflection wheel and modulation button - 96 log memories and audio recording
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All-in-one microphone or lav backpack - up to 7 hours of battery life full load - digital transmission of 2.4 ghz series ii - integrated omnidirectional condenser microphone offering a quality transmission sound - range of
142.18 AUD
Single-gun zoom microphone with 3 modes of recording - 3 modes of recording (micr. zoom, deactivated, micr. gun) - on and control with camera - is easily coupled with active interface shoe
145.36 AUD
61 standard keys - 122 sound colors - 61 accompaniment rhythms - USB to host - includes aril
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61 touch-sensitive keys - 400 sound colors, 100 rhythms, 50 music patterns - function on iOS/Android usage
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The prestigious and durable double roland mesh percussion pads offer unbelievable longevity and freedom to ease the tension with the included battery key, in addition to the lowest shooting rate on the market. - light support
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61 standard keys - 400 tones - 77 accompaniment rhythms - USB to host audio in - Compatible with the chordana play application
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Musical instrument casing. It has 100 sounds, 50 rhythms and 8 polyphonies - it has 10 totally different songs belonging to different styles - it has a small size, which makes it very easy to transport from one place to another
410.67 AUD
61 standard light keys with pulse dynamics - 400 tones - 77 accompaniment rhythms - USB to host audio in - Compatible with the chordana play application
118.37 AUD
Tubescreamer - Overdrive - controls for: level tone and Drive - 100% analog circuit - authentic Bypass switching: battery operation is not possible
781.77 AUD
Combines creative sounds and styles of accompaniment - simulated keys of ebony and ivory - band of accompaniment that follows what you play - Arpegiador and recording songs of 6 tracks
1,349.10 AUD
PRIVIA PIANOS - PX-S3000 PRIVIA digital Piano casing - the new keyboard mechanics with intelligent PX-S3000 hammer action allows the sensation when pressing the keys to be authentic - along with the new speaker system and the number
899.02 AUD
PX-S1000WE - the PX-S1000WE - the PX-S1000 becomes the digital piano with the most compact speakers of the market - however, this new Privia hides much more, as the action mechanic hammers on a smart scale
117.09 AUD
Supercardioid precision capturing pattern: the Seiren Mini Razer is calibrated with a sharper angle of capture, so that it focuses on your voice while ensuring it does not capture the environmental noises such as the clicking or the rake clicks
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Powered by a 9v battery (including) - Tubescreamer distortion Pedal - analog technology - controls: drive, level, tone
135.14 AUD
Audio recording plug n play - silencing Sensor with a touch with led status indicator - flexible and addable support - microphone arm wiring and microphone support - compatibility with multiple devices and programs
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Has 30 pre-installed songs - it has 61 touch-sensitive keys - includes external power supply - auto-off function (energy saving): yes - it has a 2x 15 W speaker system
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Sudden sound: reduces the noise transmitted by the structure by oaring joint supports or arms - reinforced elastic sopension: reinforced elastic sopension ensures the proper attenuation of vibrations - solid steel chassis: offers
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Network connection Cable – power Cable with 90° angle safety plug and straight IEC plug, with international standard IEC 60320-C13. - cold device power connector, such as computers or other peripherals, such as po
150.10 AUD
Product type: controller case - light and compact - weight: 100 g - equipped with two practical pockets