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kärcher (4002667005646 / 26377670) High pressure inside the pipe, backwards, cleaning game tubes 15mt, hose game, hose cleaning hose tubes, flexible hose & hose inside
276.39 CAD
SIMONBRICO. increase of variable power. - safety brake to improve user protection. - Pist n vertical debut.
16.93 CAD
JAEN safe. Pletina with tip for soft terrain. - tip support to nail on land for poles and fences
13.96 CAD
krafft (8410410144621 / 14462)  250gr of krafft, fiberglass mask
48.00 CAD
The UD1500 support for the classic series is adapted to the DST desoldar iron when not in operation. - like all classic JBC supports, protects from heating and offers double functionality: tool fixing and cleaning d
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Solter (8427338060056 / 06005) Δ Pinza portaelectrodo 300a 410gr, Portaelectrodos 300a, 300a Solter
40.03 CAD
super-ego (4004625378298 / 1000000364) Δ Pack includes, Pack soldier piezo
27.53 CAD
Super Ego Gas Soplete to electric piezo cartridge. multipurpose piezoelectric Gas welder - Super Ego - Seh025100 - 8414162099765.
46.47 CAD
super ego (4004625378946 / 1000000419) Ș on piezoelectric, Pack includes, multifire Soplete, multifire Soplete Pack, multipurpose Soplete, inverted position, Pack includes two cartridges, Soplete to cartridge
93.83 CAD
Dremel (8710364037582 / f0132000ja) Various applications, hot cut, hot air, liquid butane Gas, sponge case, cutting blade, Dremel welder, retracted and engraved, Dremel versatip & solder 2000ja versatip
61.79 CAD
Campingaz. is supplied with a gas cartridge CG 1750. - flame garlic with a hand - flame temperature 1750oC.Autonomy 1 hr with CG1750
64.59 CAD
Jbc (8427327071186 / 3652040) Long duration, Jbc tip, triolar Cable, 32w power, Jbc welder, Tripolar 65st, Jbc 65st
65.52 CAD
JBC (8427327069985 / 40ST26W) Long duration, JBC tip, triolar Cable, power 26w long tip
61.45 CAD
JBC. high reliability resistance arranged inside the tip - anatomical handle, anti-thermal, triangular section - inner heating element for maximum use of heat
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Welding Lapiz 11w rubber cable the JBCEl heating system used in the series of laser welders, allows total use of heat produced by the resistance, thus achieving a rapid recovery of the temperature. the great variety
302.87 CAD
JBC (8427327103382 / 352020) ⋅ meets European standards, thermo-resistent triolar, high performance welder, 300w power, 300w hammer, long tip
402.93 CAD
Garland (8414218017019 / FOGGY HOME)  stainless steel, pressure tube, diffusers with fast connectors, water nebula, outdoor air conditioning, easy nebulizer, Garland nebulizer & stainless steel diffusers
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Gel formation to be used as bait, which in the case of cockroaches when dying in the nest, causes larva mortality.5 gr.1500N108. remember that you can consult our team of experts if you want to be reso
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Juba (8423752114207 / AC5-440/7) Δ Nitrilo junit, Nylon glove
21.31 CAD
MASSO (8424084004761 / 231206) 8.000 meters away, anticipate avisperos 750ml, preben avisperos, 750ml preben, meters of distance being able, immediate and elimination, Insecticida para avisperos avisperos
31.30 CAD
Material of vertical works and rescue  Textil  gloves  protection cut
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Odourclear Ambi Pur technology eliminates the bad smells and leaves a fresh and light fragrance - the sea breeze fragrance is inspired by the stimulant ocean breeze that revitalizes you when you walk the beach in a sunny morning - Elimi
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3M. Reduces condensation and prevents frost buildup - Saves energy and reduces heating costs - Scotch double sided tape holds firmly between films and surfaces