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If you are passionate about computer and electronics, you have to be the latest in technology and not lose detail, buy omega onck security cable at the best price. the omega onck kensingto safety cable will protect your computer
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Suitable for home and study, accurately reproduce audio in an extended frequency range - impedance and potency management optimized to work with professional audio devices - garlic diadem and folding construction, which to
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Jam play vinyls, 3-speed transmission belt for a superior sound, ceramic cartridge, integrated stereo speakers, auxiliary input, rca output and anti-polvo cover - all-in-one taps: suitable for disks of 33, 45
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Very intuitive dynamic-type wireless microphone with a ON/MUTE/OFF switch and which will surely become your ideal ally for parties or conferences. - the microphone works with 2x aa 1.5V batteries and its duration is
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Battery required: yes. - battery included: yes - dimension: 12 x 7 x 4.0 cm
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Wires for mucal instruments : ugreen cable single jack 6.35 mm is designed to transmit the sound of your guitar / wireless piano to the amplifier/ speaker, filling your home, concert hall, theater, auditorium and garage with a sound
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Two high-fidel microphones for an astonishing audio quality; stereo recording in mp3 and pcm for a sharp playback that allows easy sharing of 8 g for internal files up to 88 days of recording - Po battery
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Two high-fidel microphones for greater voice clarity; stereo recording in mp3 and pcm for sharp playback and that allows easy sharing of files - audio scenes for an optimized audio setup in any s
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Three high-fidel microphones for best music recordings; 24-bit recording quality/96 khz to capture up to the latest sound; mp3 recording to easily share files - 8 gb internal memory for up to 88 days
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Compatible with: 14-N052SF ; 14-N206SF ; 15-P008NF ; 709985-003 ; 709985-004 ; 710412-001 ; AD9043-022G2 - dimension: 113mm (L) x 26mm (An) x 34mm (Al) - weight: 288 Gr - warranty: 6 months