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GimCat EXPERT LINE Kitten, Kitten pasta (Image 1)
GimCat EXPERT LINE Kitten, Kitten pasta (Main image)

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GimCat EXPERT LINE Kitten, Kitten pasta - practical cat Snack that favors the development of smaller cats - 1 tube

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Brand GimCat
EAN 4002064406787
MPN 406787
Dimensions / Weight
Weight 0.07 kg
Dimensions 36x170x36 mm
Key Features
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GimCat EXPERT LINE Gastro intestinal, Pasta
8.92 SGD
7.18 SGD
GimCat gastrointestinal pasta with protection of the digestive system favors intestinal health, protects mucosa and has a prebiotic effect - functional pasta favors optimal gastrointestinal operation and is recommended by the veterinary
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GimCat EXPERT LINE Kitten, Kitten pasta
9.70 SGD
7.82 SGD
Gim Cat pasta Kitten for Kitten with formula for healthy growth has been specially developed for young cats from 6 weeks - functional pasta stimulates growth, bone structure and development of the inm system
-30 % today only
GimCat EXPERT LINE Taurine Extra, Pasta
12.78 SGD
8.92 SGD
Gim Cat extra taurine paste with bioactive taurine formula favors the heart function and the view of your Cat - the functional paste provides the optimal amount of taurine and is recommended by the veterinarians - thanks to its lactose-free recipe,
18.34 SGD
The pasta Gim Cat has a unique complex of malt, high quality oils and vegetable fibers that prevents choking with balls of hair and is also a delicious treat for cats - appetizer for cats of Gim Cat, a digestion perfe
6.80 SGD
The grass for cats of Gim Cat with fast germination and controlled plantation, gives life to juicy green grass ideal for indoor cats - as soon as the grass reaches a height of 4 to 5 cm in the tray, you can give it to your Cat - to avoid