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Brand : discovery - type : multifunction - size : din a3 - color : white - n leaves : 500
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Transparent labels: when applied are practically invisible - ideal for applying them in glass, bright surfaces, plastic and metal - white color
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Better performance than standard paper of 80 g/m2. - suitable for high volume office printing. - produced with less natural resources. - weight: 75 g/m2. - color: white.
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Brother. color (white) - compatible with (brother) - printing technology (direct thermal) - type of packaging (box) - type of tape (dk) - color label (black on white) - rolls per package (1) - labels per roll (1000 piece(s)
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Bicolored adhesive tape dispenser in white pearl and grey with glossy finish, for roll up to 19 mm wide and 33 mm long, for home and office - give a touch of color to your desk with this and other products from the wow range of leitz
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Dimensions: 41 cm (a) x 41.5 cm (p) x 11.5 cm (h) - 4 coin compartments and 8 coin compartments - tested for at least 500,000 openings - includes a slot to store the high-value tickets and important papers - apertu
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Model number: 003R90569 - Package dimensions: 42.4 x 29.9 x 5.4 cm - Package weight: 4870 grams - Package quantity: 1 unit
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White and blue metallic portable cubilete with glossy finish, to store all writing instruments in orderly form and save space, ideal for home and office - sound amplifier function for phones with speaker
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Bicolor portal pencils in white pearl and grey with ultra-bright finish, efficient storage of the writing material, for the home - additional compartment with speaker for smartphones at the bottom (compatible with i phone up to 7 plus), m
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Dimensions: 41 cm (a) x 41.5 cm (p) x 11.5 cm (h) - 4 coin compartments and 8 coin compartments - tested for at least 2 million openings - includes a slot to store the high-value bills and important papers -
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Annual subscription for 25 users - access data from any location - connect to multiple terminals - working hours - overtime management
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Composite Material - sharp results - high quality printing
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Drawer drawer for safescan SD-4617S - 6 coin compartments and 8 coin compartments - drawer drawer and drawer for 8 different coin types - includes a slot to save the notes of great value and paper
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Brother tze-pr935; label color: white on silver - product color: black - printing technology: thermal transfer; type of packaging: box; band width: 1.2 cm - ribbon length: 8 m
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Fujitsu. Color (black, white) - relative humidity interval for operation (20 - 80%) - energy consumption (38 W) - screen (LCD) - inlet voltage (100-240 V) - inactive energy consumption (1.8 W) - power consumption off (0.35 W)
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Designed specifically- and can only be heard - for the wine conservative zzysh argon Gas 100% safe and food grade to protect the wine against oxidation. Their technology is based on the methods that have been oated duly
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Multifunction paper - double-sided and high-volume printing - all types of laser printing, inyecciñon of ink and photocopies - European ecological label that certifies that this product meets strict sustainable criteria defined at level
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Prevents theft by keeping tickets safely in POS - the tickets are stored in an orderly manner and free of jams - easy assembly away from the view under the counter - steel frame, without plastic parts - is delivered with 2 keys
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Ideal for saving tickets and small valuables - equipped with Anti-Tamper and anti-bounce features - recommended for box cover during the night of an cash or £1000 A 10,000 euros in value objects - is shipped with tornill
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Brother tze121, standard adhesive, black on light, roll (0.9 cm x 7.99 m) 1 coil(s) type laminated, for p-touch pt-d200, d450, d800, e110, e550, h110, p300, p900, p950, p-touch edge pt-p750
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Canon MP-101D - photo paper (double face, a4, 50) - country of origin: Chinese. - dimensions of packaging: 310 x 210 x 20 mm.
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