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1,918.40 SGD
The Phoenix Fire Ranger sets new Fire protection standards and stolen attacks in an affordable, practical and attractive format. - provides 30 minutes Fire protection for paper records at 500 °c. - equipped c
233.14 SGD
Ideal for saving tickets and small valuables - equipped with Anti-Tamper and anti-bounce features - recommended for box cover during the night of an cash or £1000 A 10,000 euros in value objects - is shipped with tornill
135.33 SGD
Safescan (8717496333155 / 132-0423) - Colour: Black - Compartments: Coin 8 Note 4 - Warranty: 1 year - EC Commodity Code: 84729010 - Industry Standard Product Classification: 62131 - Number of keys: 1
61.95 SGD
Transparent labels: when applied are practically invisible - ideal for applying them in glass, bright surfaces, plastic and metal - white color
31.98 SGD
Brother tze-pr935; label color: white on silver - product color: black - printing technology: thermal transfer; type of packaging: box; band width: 1.2 cm - ribbon length: 8 m
23.71 SGD
Bicolored adhesive tape dispenser in white pearl and grey with glossy finish, for roll up to 19 mm wide and 33 mm long, for home and office - give a touch of color to your desk with this and other products from the wow range of leitz
11.39 SGD
White and blue metallic portable cubilete with glossy finish, to store all writing instruments in orderly form and save space, ideal for home and office - sound amplifier function for phones with speaker
11.39 SGD
Leitz (4002432113668 / 53631001) - Colour: White - Grey, White - Plastic - Dimensions: 9 (W) x 10 (D) x 10.1 (H) cm