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Delicious and crispy croquettes filled with mint cream for the dental care of your cat - without added sugars and without artificial aromas. the mint helps the care of teeth and gums and keeps their breath fresh - enriched with taurine,
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Hygiene - mineral sepiolite for the bottom of the cages. extra hygiene. - bird cage background
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GimCat gastrointestinal pasta with protection of the digestive system favors intestinal health, protects mucosa and has a prebiotic effect - functional pasta favors optimal gastrointestinal operation and is recommended by the veterinary
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Gim Cat pasta Kitten for Kitten with formula for healthy growth has been specially developed for young cats from 6 weeks - functional pasta stimulates growth, bone structure and development of the inm system
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The paint for added sugar-free gymbi rodents promotes the natural outflow of the attracted hair in your small rodents. - thanks to the composition of high quality oils, malt and papaya fibers an effective effect is achieved, TGOS supports
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Clx 4% champagne 200 ml fatro - products for the care of your pet. - these products will make your pet feel healthy both on the outside and on the inside.
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Gim Cat extra taurine paste with bioactive taurine formula favors the heart function and the view of your Cat - the functional paste provides the optimal amount of taurine and is recommended by the veterinarians - thanks to its lactose-free recipe,
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Cystaid plus felino 240capsulas vetplus - the best food for your pet. - these food products will make your pet feel healthy and strong.
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Aktivait cats 60Capsulas Vetplus - the best food for your pet. - these food products will make your pet feel healthy and strong.
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for the environment. ^Spray multipurpose antiparasitic, 750 ml ^.Spray multiuse antiparasitic, 750 ml.
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Very safe, insurance prevents accidental openings - cuts nails - easy to oar - size M
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For cats, dogs and small animals - 'high quality plastic with 'Noble serigraphed design - fixed integrated anti-slip coating - for food and suitable for dishwasher. - approx 2 x 350 ml
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United Pets (8028945017107 / sd1111ne) Δ Comedero Fish para cats
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Pawise (8886467580949 / 8886467580949) Professional Pawise toys, toys, Pawise wands
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Pawise (8886467581083 / 8886467581083) - Color: assortment - random delivery - colors: assortment, - type: stuffed Supplies cat toys, Pawise toys, toys, toys cube, ball units & Pawise Animal Party
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To all cats drop the balls, these balls help to develop the skills and skills of your feline - it is a very fun game, Flash ball has a light, rocking ball of random movements to provide exercise to your cat - Pr
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Your cat will love to chase these multicolored wands that are very soft - Pawise multicolored wand for cats, insects, 45 cm - product for cats
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1 can 85,00 gr - animal product - is delivered in safe box and protected against any blow. - qualitative product, with possibility of return in 30 days the delivery of the article
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1 boat of 70,00 g. - animal product. - is sent in a safe and protected packaging against any blow. - quality product, with possibility of return within 30 days from the delivery of the article
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Agglomerating sand - 200% absorption power - 100% bentonite - excellent Control of unwanted odors - a pleasant and fresh scent to lotus - age range: All Life Stages
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Product dimensions: 10 x 24 x 40 cm - product model number: D-10080 - easy oar - 10l
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The pasta Gim Cat has a unique complex of malt, high quality oils and vegetable fibers that prevents choking with balls of hair and is also a delicious treat for cats - appetizer for cats of Gim Cat, a digestion perfe
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Hygienic milk produced with untreated vegetable fibres - do not contain any toxic sotance - for cats, rodents and all types of birds, ensuring a healthy, natural and clean atmosphere
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helps digestion and prevents the hair from swallowing. _ ø8 cm ^.Malta for cats in Pasta, 240 g .
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The natural and effective solution to reduce stress and prevent these behaviors: marking with urine, fears, hiding, vertical scratches, lack of appetite or overcrowding. - improves the well-being and behavior of your cat when there is
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Top quality shampoo for cats with a very soft formula that nourishes, softens and protects the fur by keeping it bright and silky. - facilitates hairstyle and reduces static electricity during the brushing process. - recommended for to