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Complementary food against the formation of the dental plaque and the tartar - administer a sheet a day between meals ensuring the availability of fresh water - keep in place dry at temperature below 25 degrees
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Stangest. the diresh toothbrush has a flexible triple head, comfortable and effective - it contains a new enzymatic toothpaste with reinforced formula with protein enzymes
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Forcefully brush the dog's teeth in all directions. thanks to its specially designed shape for dog teeth, all corners of the dog's mouth can be cleaned safely. mode of employment: apply every day or
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Easily applied mucoadhesive gel for dogs and cats - full protection: plate, tartar, gingivitis, stomatitis and halitosis - reduces plate formation
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Toothpaste strips - to give as a prize at the same time help fight the tooth plate - for dogs size small
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Easy-to-use wipes for high-efficiency Buco-Dental hygiene and safety in dogs, cats, exotics and horses. - helps solve advanced periodonial problems. - stimulates the healing of injured or ulcerated gums and mucosa
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Instantaneously neutralizes the bad breath caused by the accumulation of tartar or digestions of the meals. - so natural components and their soft and refreshing flavor make it very well accepted by animals, so it can be used d
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Dental hygiene supplement to brush your pet's teeth to always keep in perfect condition the teeth of the animal - Set 4 brushes - care plate and tartar
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Dental cleaning Gel for puppies removes plaque and tartar does not need to brush 100% natural ingredients without chemical additives
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Cleaner teeth in 30 days or less - you will see cleaner teeth in 30 days or less, with the daily use of our mouth care Gel advanced whitening if you use it as indicated. results can vary. - helps remove plate and SARR
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Anti-moulding is the ideal product that, applied on superficies or walls of places or objects, prevents dogs and cats from biting them, and keeps them safe from deterioration.
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DIAFARM (5705358829512 / DF2951) Complete delivery and return, complete delivery, complete return, e-commerce
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Dental cleaning Gel for dogs - removes plaque and tartar - does not need brushing - vanilla flavor
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Playful toy of the rope of dental care - rope made of pure cotton material. - helps keep your dog's teeth clean - promotes dental hygiene - length: 22 cm
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toothbrush - toothbrush finger - access to all mouth areas - high quality product
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Supplement dental hygiene to brush your pet's teeth to keep the animal's teeth in perfect condition - Kit 2 pieces - care plate and tartar