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Interactive : the dog gets his award by hearing different techniques that favors entertainment and good behavior. - fun : improve the relationship with your pet by helping you understand the game and play with it. the game comes with brochure co
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Inner squeaker and crispy sound that stimulate the game - soft pana, ideal to cuddle - adds a variety of mental stimuli to your dog's toy box.
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Texture in layers offers different experiences of mordisqueo - an unpredictable bounce creates emotion - the protuberances clean teeth and gums
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Handle suitable for nylon and cotton free, practical and resistant with two handles to end for safe sockets and long lance,. measurements and colors available: see product description shooter, manufacturer julius K-9Edad: more than 8 to
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helps digestion and prevents the hair from swallowing. _ ø8 cm ^.Malta for cats in Pasta, 240 g .
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Instinctive needs: toy that stimulates mental health and brings benefits by satisfying the instinctive needs of the dog - toy to search and collect: kong classic makes the games go to search and other interactive games with your mascot
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Trixie (4047974032596 / 4047974032596) - Color: blue - diameter: 5 cm - Material/s: rubber Δ natural rubber, ball mementolada
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Trixie. Decks can also be blocked with cones, thus increasing the level of difficulty. - watch your dog while playing! - with a little practice the dog learns to raise the cones with the snout to get his prize.
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Instinctive needs: the KONG Extreme black rubber toy helps meet the instinctive needs of dogs and provides mental stimulation. healthy game is important for physical and mental development, emotions and comp
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Power chewing dogs: the natural black rubber formula KONG Extreme is created to be very durable for power chewing dogs. - excellent to fill in: the KONG stuffable Bone Extreme Goodie Bone is more tempting c
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Thermoelastic rubber toy of great resistance thanks to its irregular shape, has an unpredictable rebound, so it is perfect to play to pull and collect emits a sound by tightening it available in shapes and colors assort
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Texture and unique material to have fun at the bite - reinforced manufacturing for greater durability - the low tone chirriador adds an attractive and incites the game
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Toy for dogs in the form of latex pig - with sound to draw the attention of the dog - measure: 15 cm
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polyester/cotton - refs. 3275 and 3279 with hand handle - best for the care of your pet : product specially designed to care for pets.
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Trixie (4011905035291 / T3529) Ște sound effects, to the toy, latex crocodile, latex toys
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Cotton braided rope bra with two knots - for canine training or morder games that help in maintaining good dental health - measure: 40 cm
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Natural rubber. ^Pelota with sound, Natural rubber, ø6 cm ^.Pelota with sound, Natural rubber, ø6 cm .
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Soft touch: the natural rubber of the puppy makes the capture smoother and forgiving during the collection. also provides a dynamic bounce if your dog loses the initial release. - instinctive needs: this toy promotes need
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Swing & Fling Chew Ball - M/L, 9 cm - size M/L - the best products for the care and education of your dog.
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Delicious bacon flavor and irresistible cheese for most dogs. KONG Snacks are the perfect and healthy bite for any time. made with natural ingredients; they do not contain wheat, corn or soy.
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A ball toy two in one for double interactive fun. - the indoor tennis ball and the noisy intertwine game, while the handles make collection and shake easy.
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? dog teddy: our dog teddy is a beautiful and fun buggy bunny and shiny. has a soft and soft texture that makes it an ideal toy for dogs. Furthermore, it is a toy that incorporates all the characteristics
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Fold or rotate to make crispy - pull and collect - Ideal for indoor and outdoor games - functional design
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Der Snackball ist ein neuartiges Erziehungs und Motivationsinstrument für Hunde - befüllen Sie den Futterball durch die Löcher mit Leckerlis und im Nu beginnt der Hund zu spielen - Er rollt den Ball herum um an die Leckerlis zu kommen - kunstoffmit
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Irresistible stuffed for the moment of cuddling at home - additional layer of material for greater resistance - the sound encourages the active game - ideal to have fun inside - the adorable characters increase the fun
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Made of our durable KONG Classic - fantastic for search and collect and refill games - perfect for use with our KONG stuff'n Snacks and Easy Treat pasta
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Dog bite with the shape of the unbelievable Hulk and sound in the interior - Consent your pet with this fun toy! - dog toy - made in thermoplastic rubber TPR to provide a good grip, with stuffed fabric
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The knotted rope of the interior satisfies natural instincts - soft and durable - minimal filling
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Tooth toy for puppies - resistant rubber with vanilla flavor - soothe gum pain - 13 cm long
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Natural cork - mint gatuna and feathers foment the game - satisfies natural instincts
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Toy for oral hygiene of the dog - is not a food, not fattened. healthy mouth-slender dogs. a valid alternative to traditional dental snacks. - helps to remove the plate, reduces the formation of tartar, helps to keep the enc healthy
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Fun to make chirriar, shake and throw - Pule and clean teeth during game - less stuffed for less mess
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Toy for oral hygiene of the dog - is not a food, not fattened. healthy mouth-slender dogs. a valid alternative to traditional dental snacks. - helps to remove the plate, reduces the formation of tartar, helps to keep the enc healthy