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Concentrated emulsionable liquid insecticide, whose formulation incorporates cypermerin, of high shock power against the pests of creeping and flying insects - application by manual or mechanical spraying directed to sockets and/or
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Full action dietary supplements for dogs and cats with liver disease formulated in high palatability Chews. - Hepatoprotector indicated in acute or chronic pathologies. - favors repair and regeneration of tissue in case
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Antiplate toothbrush - anti-slip toothbrush - Soft anti-slip handle - fits into the teething of dog or cat - soft locks
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The natural and effective solution to improve coexistence and reduce the conflicts and tensions between cats living together. creates an atmosphere of harmony and union for the group, both kittens and adult cats. - FELIWAY Friends reduces the signs of ten
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Volt rabbit park. 590 colors - the most asqeuible and successful pet accessories on the market. - the best pet accessories for your care and well-being at all times.
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Natural resin toy for small animals to fill with prizes helps keep teeth clean
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plastic. ^Pelota for Snacks, adjustable opening, ø7cm ^.Pelota for Snacks, adjustable opening, ø7cm .
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Well balanced diet - contains all the necessary vitamins and minerals - crunchy parts for dental health - easy oar
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Easily applied mucoadhesive gel for dogs and cats - full protection: plate, tartar, gingivitis, stomatitis and halitosis - reduces plate formation
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Cunipic food rabbit toy adult. for small breed rabbits with a variety of colors and flavors. its formula improves the digestive function. ▪
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Optimal energy levels for proper growth - digestive health: proteins of easy digestion - analytical constituents: raw protein 41 %. - Nutritional additives: Vitamin to: 21,000 U.I., vitamin d3: 1,500 U.I., vitamin E: 200 U
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Good health: this food is rich in proteins, lipids and has a low fiber content for optimal digestion. the hardness of the granulate favors the natural wear of the teeth. - free ecu food: in Super Premiu food
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The paint for added sugar-free gymbi rodents promotes the natural outflow of the attracted hair in your small rodents. - thanks to the composition of high quality oils, malt and papaya fibers an effective effect is achieved, TGOS supports
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VOLTREGA (8429886000225 / 001320b) - colors: white, grey 日本語 cage Cria, 5X36X41 Cm, cage with accessory
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Soft, comfortable and dust free - made of super absorbent material: the bed is clean and dry for longer - ecological and biodegradable - suitable for hamsters, guinea pigs, rabbits and other small animals - is also suitable for cats
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Habit. provides safety to hamsters - optimal ventilation for hamsters that at the same time avoids air currents - made of transparent plastic allows to always be visible to your hairy friend
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with 70% malt and 12 % of fruit - natural digestive support - malta promotes digestion and avoids obstructions by balls of swallowed hair - valuable fructo-oligosaccharides that help maintain a healthy intestinal flora - as a prize between comi
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For small animals hygienic table Vitakraft vegetables, 100% natural vegetable fibers in pellet form. organic natural product of vegetable fibers obtained from fir woods and fir. has a great ab capacity
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Ideal so that they do not spray the furniture of the house. without risk of intoxication for containing nontoxic paint. - Ideal to incorporate into your enclosure or take it out into the lounge or outside when weather conditions are indicated. - the fig.
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Meets so vitamin C requirements - guarantees optimal health. - specially formulated for guinea pigs.