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Concentrated emulsionable liquid insecticide, whose formulation incorporates cypermerin, of high shock power against the pests of creeping and flying insects - application by manual or mechanical spraying directed to sockets and/or
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Full action dietary supplements for dogs and cats with liver disease formulated in high palatability Chews. - Hepatoprotector indicated in acute or chronic pathologies. - favors repair and regeneration of tissue in case
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The natural and effective solution to improve coexistence and reduce the conflicts and tensions between cats living together. creates an atmosphere of harmony and union for the group, both kittens and adult cats. - FELIWAY Friends reduces the signs of ten
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Easily applied mucoadhesive gel for dogs and cats - full protection: plate, tartar, gingivitis, stomatitis and halitosis - reduces plate formation
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Sand for the care of the skin and hair of the chinchillas. - washing sand for chinchillas. - absorbs moisture and excess fat.
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Solution for daily Buco-Dental hygiene to help control the formation of Dental plaque, the appearance of tartar and neutralize Halitosis in dogs and cats. - direct application for animals with more denture. - administration
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Meets so vitamin C requirements - guarantees optimal health. - specially formulated for guinea pigs.
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Relieves the muscles, tendons and joints subjected to stress complete formula that penetrates deeply immediate refreshing and soothing action on later surface stimulation of circulation with heat sensation
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support for the maintenance of heart function - it helps to optimize the production and use of heart muscle energy. - Omega-3 supplement rich in EPA/DHA - protects the heart from the action of free radicals
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Exo Terra. removes chlorine and chlorramine from water and neutralizes heavy metals - this supplement increases calcium levels effectively preventing hypocalcemia
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Soothing action - relieves pruritus and discomfort - stimulates the healing of the injured skin and restores its natural microenvironment - proven antiseptic activity, particularly in front of gram+ - enhances follicular regeneration - restores the e
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Hamiform yarns and 10l birds. - the best accessories for your pet to enjoy your company. - complement the time with your pet with the accessories and toys we offer!
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Supplemental food based on hyaluronic acid, enzymatically high pu hydrolysed collagen - Concrete feeder for dogs, cats or other pets - composition: composition, hydrolysed collagen enzymatically high pure
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