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It incorporates sulfate condroitin, a component of the cartilage that wraps the joints and takes care of its proper hydration - improves joint mobility and avoids cartilage thinning - suitable for prolonged treatments
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Interactive : the dog gets his award by hearing different techniques that favors entertainment and good behavior. - fun : improve the relationship with your pet by helping you understand the game and play with it. the game comes with brochure co
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Inner squeaker and crispy sound that stimulate the game - soft pana, ideal to cuddle - adds a variety of mental stimuli to your dog's toy box.
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For lovers of water and animals equal parts, to be able to see our pets freely enjoy the water with total safety.
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Complementary food in pasta - it contains beneficial microorganisms that are naturally found in the intestinal microflora of healthy animals - its triple exclusive composition recovers the balance of beneficial intestinal flora, restab
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Dieses ovale Kissen passt sich mit seinen Pfotenmotiv und beigen Untergrund nahezu allen einrichtungsgegenständen an - der eingenähte reißverschlus ermöglicht das Abnehmen des Bezuges der beiung 30 Grad waschbar ist - Die fü
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Available in 4 different sizes, of which Nanna 70 is very suitable for cats and small dogs. NNanna is a two-sided blanket for cats or dogs, with one side in cotton and the other on synthetic skin. not too thick, p
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Talco colony water for dogs with natural fruit fragrances mind created to provide after the bath a fresh smell and an intense deodorant effect very pleasant. - respects the skin and the olfactory properties of the animal. - They don't contain
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High Prairie formula with beef and roasted deer - United Estates - ingredients: bisonte, dehydrated lamb meat, dehydrated chicken meat, egg, boniatos, peas, potatoes, cabbage oil, roasted beanut, roasted deer, pulp
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Natural essential oil mixture - parasital repellent pipettes will protect your animal from new fleas, ticks or mosquitoes, but will not eliminate an existing infestation. if your animal has fleas or ticks or if they are in your home, before or
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backed in warm days, regulation of body temperature.^Rescant carpet, 40×50cm, blue ^.Rescant carpet, 40×50cm, blue .
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Chromatic action that depending on the color of the coat the assets whiten or darken the hair. - with the shampoo blanc artery you will provide protection for both hair and skin, achieving exceptional results. - very soft based on
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(8430235681712 / H68171-1) Δ Carne cool, Serrano Snacks, Mediterranean Natural, atmosphere modified, Natural for dogs
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Natural cleaner for cleaning the external hearing duct of dogs and cats without alcohol or other ingredients that can irritate the skin. - helps prevent and control the external otitis of your pet. very well tolerated by the animals, thanks to
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Natural solution that provides a continuous calm effect in stressful situations. - useful to reduce signs of stress inside and outside the house: difficulty staying alone, fear of noises, anxiety during displacements, changes and
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Robot plastic bed with comfortable support for chin, ideal for dogs and cats - perforated background for correct ventilation and anti-slip legs for maximum stability - comfortable rounded shape with high edges and front reb
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Forcefully brush the dog's teeth in all directions. thanks to its specially designed shape for dog teeth, all corners of the dog's mouth can be cleaned safely. mode of employment: apply every day or
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Instinctive needs: toy that stimulates mental health and brings benefits by satisfying the instinctive needs of the dog - toy to search and collect: kong classic makes the games go to search and other interactive games with your mascot
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Energy for an active life. food with high energy level and proteins adapted to an active lifestyle. with peanut chicken. - adapted to the canine nature. recipe based on high meat content, no cereals and low carbohid
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Chronic renal insufficiency - acts as renal cytoprotector, anti-inflammatory and entérico phosphorus quelante in cases of chronic renal insufficiency in dogs and cats - supplemental food based on quercetin, resveratrol, folic acid, vitamin
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Formula Southwest Canyon with wild boar - United Estates - ingredients: ox meat, peas, chickpeas, dehydrated lamb meat, canola oil, eggs, boar meat, oceanic fish flour, beer yeast, tomato pulp, lil
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IAMS for Vitality with fresh chicken for adult dogs of small and medium breed is a 100% complete and balanced food that brings Vitality to your dog - healthy digestion: mixture of adapted fibers, with prebiotics and beet pulp, for a dig
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IAMS vitality with fresh chicken for adults of large breeds is a 100% complete and balanced food that brings vitality to your dog - healthy skin and hair: it contains Omega 3 and 6 acids to maintain a healthy skin and hair - strong bones: enriched
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Salmon - United states - Salmon, oceanic fish flour, boniatos, potatoes, canola oil, Salmon flour, smoked Salmon, achicoria root, tomato pulp, - keep in a cool and dry place
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Therapeutic nutritional supplement - helps liver function in dogs and cats with liver problems - provides and increases the levels of antioxidants that the liver needs to so detoxification functions
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Mountain saw formula with roasted lamb - United Estates - ingredients: lamb, dehydrated lamb meat, potatoes, peas, canola oil, peas protein, roasted lamb, tomato pulp, salt, hill chloride, root extract from a
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Colony water vanilla aroma for dogs with natural fruit fragrances mind created to provide after the bath a fresh smell and an intense deodorant effect very pleasant. - respect the skin and the olfactory properties of the animal. - No co
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Reusable Dedales 50 units formulated to remove tear stains and other comfortable and very simple secretions simple to use.Do not hurt your pet, or you plastic products, feel the touch with your finger and
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Fragrances of natural fruit fruits created to provide after the bath a fresh smell and an intense deodorant effect very pleasant - respects the skin and the olfactory properties of the animal - do not contain the
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Instinctive needs: the KONG Extreme black rubber toy helps meet the instinctive needs of dogs and provides mental stimulation. healthy game is important for physical and mental development, emotions and comp