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Petsafe wireless system pet containment 3,6+ kg maximum range 55m grey (Main image)

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Petsafe wireless system pet containment 3,6+ kg maximum range 55m grey

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Brand Petsafe
EAN 0729849106413
MPN 83003
Model PIF-300-21
Dimensions / Weight
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126.70 SGD
Petsafe. installation Manual and guide to cut the hole - closure plate and screws included - suitable for most doors and walls - flexible and resistant folding door with UV protection
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Petsafe (0729849107649 / PIG19-10764)
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Outdoor bark Control: bird house design, ultrasonic acoustic signal when your dog barks that can be annoying to the dog, but silent for most humans. - small outdoor spaces: each unit resi
652.26 SGD
97.33 SGD
End with the annoying barking: use 10 vibration combinations to safely interrupt and deter your dog's barking - battery hardness: the on/off switch allows you to prolong the battery hardness when not
9.58 SGD
2 spare batteries: includes two cr2 lithium batteries of 3 volts spare - compatibility: this stack is compatible with the Deluxe anti-ladrid collar with PetSafe spray - customer support: let our pet experts help you. we are
36.78 SGD
PetSafe (07298491665 / PPD19-16166) Δ Repelente Ssscat, PetSafe recharge of Ssscat, aerosol filling
93.42 SGD
Protected furniture: oa spray repelente sscat on countertops and next to the trash or furniture to teach your dog or cat not to approach certain areas of the house - activation by movement: when your pet is one metre from the spray repelent
12.78 SGD
Petsafe (5011569002843 / 330woodgrain) Δ N de t strangeruacute nel
176.48 SGD
Petsafe (0729849107052 / PCF-275-19) Supplied necklace, Petsafe necklace, Deluxe In-Ground