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Trixie brush, silicone, xl, black, dog (Image 1)
Trixie brush, silicone, xl, black, dog (Main image)

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Trixie brush, silicone, xl, black, dog

  Trixie Silicone Flexible Muzzle for Dogs

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Tags Gloria Pets
Brand Trixie
EAN 4047974176160
MPN 4047974176160
Dimensions / Weight
Weight 0.34 kg
Dimensions 220x165x125 mm
Key Features
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38.45 SGD
Interactive : the dog gets his award by hearing different techniques that favors entertainment and good behavior. - fun : improve the relationship with your pet by helping you understand the game and play with it. the game comes with brochure co
-16 % today only
Nylon loop, training, xxl, 28-38 cm, ng
12.78 SGD
10.77 SGD
Trixie (4011905192833 / 19283) - Colors: Black - Nylon - Fixed, Training
-48 % today only
Trixie brush, silicone, xl, black, dog
40.32 SGD
20.85 SGD
silicone/nylon/neoprene - prevents bite - allows to brag, drink and take prizes - especially comfortable to carry thanks to ergonomic garlic, flexible silicone so its shape is stable and neoprene padded straps on the face and neck - s
-3 % today only
Trixie 8847 rock plateau with tree trunk for aquarium decoration, 25 cm
28.94 SGD
28.00 SGD
Material: polyester.Natural aspect.Easy to clean.
25.71 SGD
Resistant salt water - do not alter water quality - polyester resin
-35 % today only
Trixie 24776 Jimmy ceramic diner, 20 cm
22.93 SGD
14.79 SGD
Trixie (4011905247762 / 24776)
-22 % today only
Stainless steel kitten cat, plastic cover, 0.225l/ø12 cm, cat
10.64 SGD
8.27 SGD
Ideal for food or drink of your pet - stainless steel cat kit and coated plastic with nice design - is non-slip thanks to its rubber base, diameter 12 cm and easy cleaning
-53 % today only
50.53 SGD
23.95 SGD
Very light and compact - Ideal for the rest of your pet - suitable for all pet for its great resistance
-28 % today only
Threesome cage ball with chain and bell, 7 cm, birds
3.20 SGD
2.29 SGD
Trixie (4011905052502 / 4011905052502)
-28 % today only
TRIXIE plant silk pendant terrariums Abutilon, ø20 x 50 cm, Reptiles
18.42 SGD
13.30 SGD
Ideal to implement habitats close to the natural - Ideal to implement habitats close to the natural - with suction cup
-35 % today only
19.34 SGD
12.62 SGD
Trixie (4011905051598 / 5159)
-30 % today only
Trixie insecticid long-lasting home spray, 500 ml
32.00 SGD
22.55 SGD
Trixie (4011905029535 / 2953) - Quantity: 500 ml