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Spontex Specialist Sponge Cloths

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Brand Spontex
MPN 341172
EAN 5054186610114
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6.30 GBP
Spontex (5054186610114 / 341172)
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Spontex Washups Sponge Scourers
4.50 GBP
2.00 GBP
HIGH QUALITY. The UK's leading cleaning products conveniently packed into A bigger pack format. - EFFICIENT. Strong, versatile and long-lasting sponge scourers that are ideal for everyday washing up and lots more. - ANTI-GREASE. Made with exclusive anti-g
3.90 EUR
Spontex (4008600207115 / 12090970)
29.75 EUR
Spontex (3384121642514 / 19164252)
4.35 EUR
4.38 EUR
Spontex. Bring greater efficiency and removal of dust and other fibres - The microfibre by capillary action absorb much more than normal fibres
9.79 EUR
Spontex. It has non-slip embossing to prevent slippages on smooth surfaces. - Thanks to its extra-absorbent plant cellulose, it absorbs up to 16 times its own weight in water.
11.49 GBP
Everyday essentials with value at the heart of the offer Tough metal scourers made from stainless steel Easy to rinse out Remove the toughest burnt on food and grease
34.99 GBP
Efficient: Rotating microfibre mop and bucket set with built in 360° spin system to rinse and wring the mop effectively with little effort - Hygienic: Non scratch and absorbent microfibre head that picks up dirt and dust and removes 99 Percent of bacteri
9.60 GBP
POWERFUL: Strong and efficient scourer pads designed for those tough jobs around the home - VERSATILE: Suitable for a variety of tasks that require a powerful cleaning tool and ideal for tackling burnt on food and grease - LONG LASTING: With anti-grease t
4.34 GBP
A large non scratch bathroom scourer that effectively cleans without scratching. - Designed with a specially contoured nail-guard for improved grip and protection - Ideal for use on delicate surfaces including baths and showers. Safe for use on enamel