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2Work Dishcloth 300 x 400 mm White (Image 1)
2Work Dishcloth 300 x 400 mm White (Main image)

2Work Dishcloth 300 x 400 mm White

  Maxima Dishcloth X10 White Krssdc 62029100 - CPD30019

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  Maxima Dishcloth X10 White Krssdc 62029100 - 846-7527

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Tags X 400mm Ideal for cleaning Kitchen surfaces White Dishcloth
Brand 2WORK
EAN 5030037067139
MPN BXB111610I
MPN CPD30019
Model KRSSDC  
Dimensions / Weight
Weight 0.35 kg
Dimensions 8x16x12 mm
Key Features
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2WORK Luxury 3-Ply Quilted Toilet Roll, 200 Sheets, Pack of 40
29.65 GBP
15.70 GBP
2WORK (5060201030911 / JAN03091) - Colour: White - Type: Toilet Tissue | Luxury Toilet roll, Quilted Toilet roll, Luxury White, 3-Ply construction with Quilted, 3-Ply Quilted construction
-27 % today only
2WORK 2W99437 First Aid Kit
30.80 GBP
22.54 GBP
For low risk workplaces of between 25 to 100 employees For high risk workplaces of between 5 to 25 employees Contains 2 x burns dressing, 30 x saline cleansing wipes, 2 x conforming bandage, 3 x eye pad dressings, 3 x finger dressings
-67 % today only
2Work DB57165 Absorbent Dry Wipes
6.05 GBP
2.02 GBP
Multipurpose, quality cleaning wipes For use on a range of office equipment Easy way to improve cleanliness in the workplace Kills germs to prevent the spreading of illness Alcohol free disinfectant
-20 % today only
2WORK 2W04586 Antibacterial Sanitiser Spray, 750 mL
20.79 GBP
16.63 GBP
2WORK (5022905039836) - Antibacterial - Colour: White - Or: 881125 - Type: Cleaning Fluids | Professional cleaning, Spray 750ml, 750ML Trigger, 2Work Anti-Bacterial, Hospitals and professional, Handy 750ml bottle & Spray and wipe
-32 % today only
2Work AMTW025P Mobile Technology Wipes
10.49 GBP
7.16 GBP
Cleaning wipes for screens Pre-moistened with alcohol-free cleaning fluid Ideal for laptops, tablets and smartphones Also useful for scanner and copier glass Anti-static, low-lint design to protect sensitive electronics
-38 % today only
2WORK 2W02383 Swing Bin Base Only, 30 L, Black
11.65 GBP
7.28 GBP
2WORK (5016447023835 / 2W02383) | Bin Base
-46 % today only
2Work High Power Spray Duster 400 ml
10.69 GBP
5.76 GBP
Alcohol free screen cleaning fluid - Designed not to leave streaks or marks - Cuts through grease with ease - Perfect for use on sensitive laptop/monitor screens - 250ml bottle
11.38 GBP
Quick results with the minimum of effort No need for chemicals, just dampen and start wiping marks and stains away Ideal for removing marks from tiles, tea-stained crockery, paintwork, floor and kitchen surfaces Sponge dimensions 100
-8 % today only
2Work Hair and Body Wash Apple Fragrance 5 Litre Bulk Bottle
13.18 GBP
12.16 GBP
Suitable for use as shampoo, bubble bath, shower gel and as an all over body wash Kind to skin with a p H balanced formula Contains essential conditioning agents to cleanse, freshen and moisturise Ideal for hotel rooms, gyms, changing
-47 % today only
2Work DB50342 Anti-Static Screen and Telephone Wipes
5.32 GBP
2.80 GBP
Cleaning wipes for phone equipment Remove dirt and grime Built-in antimicrobial formula: 99.9% effective against germs Kills common cold, E. coli, salmonella and more Individually wrapped in sachets
-34 % today only
2WORK KF73379 Swing Bin Liners, 45 Litre, White, Pack of 1000
26.89 GBP
17.78 GBP
2WORK (5024951009894 / KF73379) - Colour: White - Type: Refuse Sacks | Pack Size, Bin Liner, Litre Pack, Litre White, Litres Size, Swing Bin, 2Work Swing Bin Liner, KF73379 Swing Bin
-26 % today only
Mini Centrefeed Hand Towel Dispenser, 180mm x 175mm x 330mm, White
22.90 GBP
16.87 GBP
Allows easy, flowing access to sheets - Protects contents from contamination - Perfect for promoting hygiene in your workplace or home - Can be restocked with 2Work mini Centre feed rolls - Small size is perfect for size workplaces