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Kärcher SC2 EasyFix Steam Cleaner

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Tags Tap water Stubborn stains Cleaning tasks Microfibre cloth EasyFix floor tool Deep cleaning results Karcher SC Steam Cleaner EasyFix Steam Cleaner Karcher SC2
Brand Kärcher
Model 1.512-052.0
MPN 1.512-052.0
EAN 4054278312514
Dimensions / Weight
Key Features
Cable Range 5 Metre Mains Cable
Colour Multicolour
Colours Yellow & Black
Hose Length 2 Metre
Pack size Each
Power Electric
Weight 2.9 kg
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Kärcher SC2 EasyFix Steam Cleaner
178.80 GBP
109.99 GBP
Kärcher (4054278312514 / 1.512-052.0) - Cable Range: 5 Metre Mains Cable - Hose Length: 2 Metre - Colour: Multicolour - Yellow & Black - Each - Electric - Weight: 2.9 kg | Tap water, Stubborn stains, Cleaning tasks & Microfibre cloth
-34 % today only
Kärcher SC1 EasyFix Steam Cleaner
129.99 GBP
85.99 GBP
No direct dirt contact - the enhanced easy fix Fixation system ensure convenient and fast hands-free cloth removal Nozzle stabilization - integrated returns springs for optimal cleaning performance Ideal heated pressurized steam - kills 99.
-25 % today only
Kärcher 16332220 WV 6 Plus N Window Vac, 10 W, 240 V, Yellow/Black
116.25 GBP
86.65 GBP
Liquid Silicone Technology - The New lip-technology with the use of 'liquid silicone' allows cleaning from the upper edge to the ground without interruption ensuring perfect streak-free cleaning result right up the edge. - 100 Minute Battery Run-Time - T
-19 % today only
Kärcher WD2 Wet and Dry Vacuum
68.00 GBP
54.99 GBP
Carry handle - ergonomically formed carry handle ensures easy transportation - Storage - space-saving on-board accessory and cable storage - Long handle for a improved working posture. Suction hose 1.9 m, 35 mm - Special cartridge filter. "Pull & Push" lo
-47 % today only
Kärcher WD 3 P Wet and Dry Vacuum
157.74 GBP
83.99 GBP
Kärcher (4039784974012 / 16298840) - Cable Range: 4 Metre - Voltage: 220 / 240 - Warranty: Karcher 2 Year Domestic Use Warranty - Plastic - Wet & Dry Cartridge Filter - Each - Electric - Country of origin: RO | Floor nozzle
-30 % today only
Karcher HD 6/13 C Plus *GB
814.80 GBP
570.00 GBP
Kärcher (4054278164915 / 15209540) - Colour: Grey - Hose Length: 10m - Each | Quick and easy, Pressure washer, Trigger gun, Karcher HD, Holding force, Karcher’s EASY!Force, Cleaning with Karcher’s
-17 % today only
Kärcher K 2 Compact Pressure Washer
84.99 GBP
70.30 GBP
Ideal for cleaning delicate surfaces such as car or harder surfaces such as stone and brickwork - The lightweight design makes the machine easy and convenient to transport - The integrated suction tube allows detergent to be applied to any surface being c
-15 % today only
Kärcher K 2 Power Control high-pressure washer: Intelligent app support
109.99 GBP
93.70 GBP
NEW - Discover valuable tips from Kärcher experts with our Home & Garden App, such as the right pressure for your cleaning task - individually adapted to your device. - Cleaning has never been so easy. By turning the jet pipe, the right pressure can be s
-2 % today only
Kärcher 62957650 3-in-1 Stone Plug and Clean
7.00 GBP
6.84 GBP
Kärcher (4039784712300 / 62957650) - Pack size: 1 Litre - Weight: 1.1 kg | Pressure washer, Stone Cleaner 3-in-1 Plug, Stone Cleaner, Karcher Plug, Clean 3-in-1 Stone, Facade 3-in-1 Plug, Paving Cleaner, Karcher Stone & Stone cleaning Detergent
-17 % today only
Kärcher 16332010 WV 1 Window Vac, 10 W, 240 V, Yellow/Black
47.99 GBP
40.00 GBP
Streak-Free Cleaning - The quick and easy way to clean flat surfaces, such as windows, tiles, worktops, condensation and mirrors leaving a sparkling, streak-free finish. - Rechargeable Battery - The rechargeable lithium-ion battery cleans up to 70 m² on
-20 % today only
Karcher K Series Pressure Washer K4 K5 Full Control Back Foot Set 9.002-437.0
19.15 GBP
15.29 GBP
See Fit List in Description for Machines it Fits. - Sold By Spares2you - UK Supplier For Karcher Spares
-14 % today only
Karcher 2.645-191.0 6.5 x 3.3 x 4.5 cm Universal Hose Connector
4.99 GBP
4.30 GBP
UNIVERSAL: Compatible with all available click systems.FLEXIBLE: Compatible with the three most widely used hose diameters.ERGONOMIC: Designed for comfortable handling even when wet.ROBUST: High grade plastic construction