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Karcher 5 L Canister Pressure Washer Detergent (Image 1)
Karcher 5 L Canister Pressure Washer Detergent (Main image)

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Karcher 5 L Canister Pressure Washer Detergent - Wood Cleaner

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Tags Wood Cleaner Karcher Wood Cleaner 5L Water-resistant wooden surfaces Karcher Wood Cleaner
Brand KAER5
EAN 4039784359703
Model Wood Cleaner - 5L Canister
MPN Wood Cleaner - 5L Canister
Dimensions / Weight
Key Features
Pack size 5 Litre
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KAER5 (4039784050181 / 6.904-305.0) | Karcher CV38/2, Fleece Filter bags, Filter Bag Fleece, Bag Fleece, Paper Filter Bag, Paper Bag, Fleece bags, Fleece Filter
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Karcher 5 L Canister Pressure Washer Detergent
19.78 GBP
15.49 GBP
Dispense directly from your pressure washer Can be alternatively mixed in a bucket with water and applied using a sponge Leave it to work for a short while and the rinse well Specially formulated for use with Karcher pressure washers
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Kärcher 2.643-909.0 HK12 High Pressure Hose Kit, Black
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Kärcher Multi-Power 5 Jet Lance for Pressure Washer Accessory
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Compatible with Kärcher K3-K5 series pressure washers Medium & high fan jet, low detergent jet, pencil jet & a dirtblaster Simple to change between the different spray functions
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Karcher Output – 4.063 Ring Fastener Output High Pressure
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KAER5 (4002667796148 / 4.063-783.0) | C-Clip for easy
9.99 GBP
VERSATILE: Spray pattern can be altered from fine mist through to pencil jet whilst one-handed water flow regulation stops over-watering .SIMPLE: Lockable trigger for fatigue free watering FUNCTIONAL: Ergonomic barrel with ridged design ca
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KAER5 Kärcher Hose Hanger
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Practical: Space-saving hose storage.Versatile: Built in storage for spray guns and nozzles.Simple: Easy to mount on the wall.Robust: Heavy duty and built to last.
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