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deb SOR4LMP Swarfega Hand Cleaner Pump, 4L, Orange (Image 1)
deb SOR4LMP Swarfega Hand Cleaner Pump, 4L, Orange (Main image)

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deb SOR4LMP Swarfega Hand Cleaner Pump, 4L, Orange

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Tags Hand Cleaner Litre Pump Swarfega Orange Litre SOR4LMP 4L Pump Bottle SOR4LMP Swarfega SOR4LMP Orange 4L Pump Swarfega Deb Pump Top Bottle SOR4LMP
Brand Deb
EAN 0600649956920
Dimensions / Weight
Weight 1.10 kg
Dimensions 2x4x16 mm
Key Features
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DEB LGT2LDPEN Stoko Light Duty Cleanse Dispenser, 2L
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Deb (5010424020206 / LGT2LDPEN) - Type: Soap & Lotion Dispensers | Deb Orange, Litre cartridges, Standards in your workplace, Deb Lotion, Cleanse Light Dispenser, Deb dispensers, Cleanse Dispenser, Cleanse Light & Orange Lotion Dispenser
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DEB HVY4LDREN Stoko Heavy Duty Cleanse Dispenser, 4L
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Deb (5010424020213 / HVY4LDREN) - Colour: Multicolour - Dimensions: 17.5 (W) x 15 (D) x 34.5 (H) cm - Type: Soap & Lotion Dispensers | Industrial environments, Cleanse Heavy, Cleanse Dispenser, Four litre Dispenser & Deb Cleanse Heavy
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DEB HVY2LDPEN Stoko Heavy Duty Cleanse Dispenser, 2L
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Deb (5010424020220 / HVY2LDPEN) | Industrial environments, Litre cartridges, Cleanse Heavy, Cleanse Dispenser, Deb Cleanse Heavy, Heavy duty wash, Dispenser Heavy, Litre hand wash Dispenser & Washroom Dispenser HVY2LDPEN
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Deb Estesol Hair And Body Wash 2 Litre Cartridge HAB2LT
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Deb (5010424019361 / B06XJHN8PM) | Deb Cleanse shower, Shower wash
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1 Litre Handwash & Soap Dispenser
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Deb (5010424021517) - Box content: 1 x Hand Soap Dispenser - Colour: White - Wall Mounted | Washroom hygiene, Hand Wash Dispenser, Proline White Dispenser, Litre hand wash, Reducing waste, WHB1LDS EAN, Waste the White
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Cutan Moisturising Cream Cartridge, 1 L
32.69 GBP
12.78 GBP
For use with DEB cutan 1 litre moisturising cream dispenser - Ideal as an after work skin conditioning cream - Fragrance free - Soothes, protects and helps prevent dryness
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Deb GPF3LWHI Grittyfoam Dispenser, 3.25 Liter
20.33 GBP
14.60 GBP
Deb (5010424043434 / GPF3LWHI) | Litre cartridges, Deb Gritty Foam, Deb Stoko, Gritty Foam Dispenser, Foam Dispenser, Dispenser unit is protected, Deb GPF3LWHI
10.99 GBP
Swarfega Heavy Duty500ml Jar Heavy duty hand cleaner Mild citrus fragrance leaves hands clean and freshened after use Contains non-abrasive micro-polymer granules
-7 % today only
22.06 GBP
20.42 GBP
Deb (5010424017138) | Product Unit, Pack Unit, Cleaner is suitable, Deb Swarfega, Washer Fluid
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Sceptre SCE60Q 4 x 5 Litre
127.96 GBP
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Hand and body lotion soap - Locations of use: Office/Commercial/Leisure, Medical Rooms & Laboratories, Food Service & Catering
-11 % today only
50.62 GBP
45.12 GBP
Protects from UV-A, UV-B and UV-C rays - Silicone free - For use with Deb Stoko sun protect dispenser - Ideal for outdoor workers - For everyday use
-44 % today only
Sun Protect Spf 50, 100 ml
16.44 GBP
9.20 GBP
Protects from UV-A, UV-B and UV-C rays - Silicone free - Perfect for carrying in bags and vehicles for use when you need it