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🚗【FAST INFLATING SPEED & STRONG POWER】The maximum inflatable pressure is 150 psi. The car tire pump can inflate a normal medium-sized car tire from 0 to 35 psi in 3-5 minutes.Just flip the switch and the tire inflator compressor will do all the wor
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For larger vehicles - 4x4s, SUVs and vans; comes in storage case Quick - inflates 4x4 tyre in 6 minutes Simple set up - just rotate dial to set pressure Easy to use - powered directly from your 12V in car socket/cigarette lighter, sto
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Inflates a tyre in 3.5 minutes - Simply select pressure measurement and press on/off - W23 x H12mm digital screen measures in PSI, BAR, k PA - Flexible air hose with easy access storage compartment specifically designed to reduce kinks - Screw stem valve
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Durable anti-slip rubber tread Stable rubber feet keep footpump still during use Flexible air hose and tyre valve locking system make inflation easier Includes adaptors for use on bike tyres and other inflatables Footplate retai
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With an inflation time of only 7 minutes per tyre from flat, the RAC Car & Motorbike Inflator boasts a compact and convenient design. Air flow 12 litres per minute. Push button operation. Ideal for cars and motorcycles, it features an acc
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✅【FAST INFLATING】The Speed of the Air Compressor is 30-60 L / min, much stronger and faster than conventional pumps. The air compressor built-in large rechargeable 2000 m Ah Li-on battery,only takes 15 seconds to inflate a basketball and 45 seconds
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4 in 1 - The ultimate Inflator. 1. Inflates vehicle tyres; 2. Ideal for air beds; 3. Has a built-in LED light; and 4. Power bank with USB socket for recharging smartphones and tablets. The ideal tool for any camping trip - Cordless and rechargeable. Recha
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Quick and easy-to-use, with screw-stem fixing Pre-set the pressure you need, the unit stops once it reaches the required pressure to stop over-inflation Clear digital display with readings in PSI, KPA and BARLED lamp for night time u
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✔[PORTABLE & MULTIFUNCTIONAL] It takes only 4.48 minutes to inflate a car tire from 0-35PSI.And also perfect for swimming rings, basketball, toys and other inflatables.✔[EASY TO USE] NEED to start car power first,and than get started by plug
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【Fast Inflation Speed】 With maximum pressure of 150 PSI and airflow 35L/min. It can inflate the 195/65/R15 car tire from 0 to 35psi in 5 minutes. Much more effective and faster than a traditional tire inflator. Built-in accurate tire pressure gauge. -
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GREAT NEW DESIGN - Unlike similar designs, this inflator is installed with 2 motors, which gives an improvement in reliability and reduction in weight and size. Quieter motor technology can inflate a mid-sized tyre from 0-30 Psi in 4 minutes and inflate t
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💕[STRONG POWER & FAST INFLATION] Plug the tyre inflator air compressor into the 12V power outlet, it inflate the car tire from 0 to 35psi under 4min, not getting too hot after inflating. This car tyre inflator is small and light for easy storing and ac
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[Automatic shut off] - Portable air compressor equipped with LCD digital display, it can calculate PSI BAR KPA KG/CM² and help you accurately display tire pressure value. You can preset an air pressure value in advance, and when the value is reached, i
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Fast And accurate. The RTC1000 is a high-speed Inflator that can inflate a 13” tyre from 0psi to 35psi in just 2 mins. The Quick-Set Auto stop also makes it easy to accurate inflate your tyres. - See clearly. The large backlit digital screen shows readi
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🚗 LCD Digital Display & Easy to use: The digital LED display allows you to set tyre pressure value clearly and accurately. Connect this tire air inflator to a 12V adapter, snap on tire valve, read and set pressure with digital readout, start pumping, i
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✔ EASY TO USE : 12Volt auto digital tire inflator uses inflate right technonology to automatically shut off when the proper tire pressure is reached. Simply set the desired pressure level and press the "on" button. When the set pressure is reached, t
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【Fast Inflating with 4-Hour Continuous Working Time】: FYLINA tyre inflator is designed with higher-quality motor which can created larger air flow of 35L /Minutes. It only takes about 3-4 minutes for a normal flat tyre. Moreover, FYLINA pump is more d
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💕[STRONG POWER & FAST INFLATION] Plug the tyre inflator air compressor into the 12V power outlet, it inflate the car tire from 0 to 35psi under 6min, not getting too hot after inflating. This car tyre inflator is small and light for easy storing and ac
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【Check And Monitor tyre Pressure】Convenient to check the current tyre pressure anytime and anywhere, no need to run to 4S shop. Just plug into and automatically detect and start inflate. Backlight digital display can show you whether it needs to be in
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🚗 【Fast Inflation & Long-time Working】: With a high-quality motor, FYLINA tyre inflator can create large air flow of 35L/minutes, only takes about 3-4 minutes for a normal flat tyre, it is much more powerful and faster than the conventional tyre in