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Joie W1306BBNTA000 Indoor Swings (Image 1)
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Joie W1306BBNTA000 Indoor Swings (Image 3)
Joie W1306BBNTA000 Indoor Swings (Image 4)
Joie W1306BBNTA000 Indoor Swings (Image 5)
Joie W1306BBNTA000 Indoor Swings (Main image)

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Joie W1306BBNTA000 Indoor Swings

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Tags Soothing vibration Nature Sounds Plush toys Classical lullabies Serina swivel swing Position reclining seat Toy bar features Swing frame easy Wheels and integrated Vibration and sounds
Brand Joie
EAN 5056080606125
Dimensions / Weight
Weight 9.33 kg
Dimensions 29x36x33 mm
Key Features
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