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100% PRE-WASHED COTTON, THREE LAYERS OF 32 YARN COUNT. 90cm x 90cm hooded towel. 30cm x 30cm washcloth. - LIGHTWEIGHT AND BREATHABLE making this warm yet absorbent after bath-time - LIGHTWEIGHT AND BREATHABLE making this warm yet absorbent after bath-time
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100% PRE-WASHED COTTON, THREE LAYERS OF 32 YARN COUNT. 90cm x 90cm hooded towel. 30cm x 30cm washcloth.LIGHTWEIGHT AND BREATHABLE making this warm yet absorbent after bath-time WASHABLE AT 40 DEGREES, TUMBLE DRY ON LOW, the more you wash
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Vicks (4022167130211 / V1300EU1) | Steam Inhaler, Cough Cold Flu Relief, Vicks Steam, Vicks V1300, Vapo Steam, V1300 Portable, Vicks Vapo, Cold Flu Relief, Vicks Inhaler, Vapo Pads
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Helps to clear mucus from baby's nose to help with breathing and bottle feeding;Assist with ENT disorders.With its specially designed nozzle, its very gentle pressure and microfine spray, STÉRIMAR baby ensures gentle nasal rinsing and cl
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New-born support: bum bump helps prevent baby sliding in the water - Comfort: padded backrest adds warmth and comfort for baby - Ease colic & reflux: keeps baby in a more upright and comfy position to help ease colic and reflux - Plug: handy plug to empty
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Bum bump helps to prevent bay sliding in the water - Compact size keeps the water and baby warmer for longer - Handy plug to empty or refresh water - Minimum of two litres of water needed - Suitable from new-born - 12 months plus
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This pack of 2 Elli & Raff Hooded Towels is perfect for baby bath time - The soft and durable 100% cotton fabric is embroidered with a star pattern and features an Elli & Raff motif and is ideal for keeping little ones warm and dry - The hood is nice and
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Gently clears and unblocks little noses100% sea water based solution nasal spray No.1 GP recommended brand A gentle micro-diffusion spray pressure specially designed for children's sensitive nasal lining Suitable from birth to
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The bio-adhesive gel rapidly builds an invisible film which helps to protect from discomfort and pain associated with teething The soft applicator gently massages gums, so no need to use fingers Contains soothing aloe Vera Lactose, su
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Easy-grip handle Available in pink and blue Helps keep soap and water out of child's eyes with soft rim Large water capacity for fewer rinses Suitable from 6 months+
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Braun (4022167200099 / PRT2000EU) - Auto power off - LCD - Contact - Quantity per pack: 1 pc(s) | Temperature reading, Fever alarm, Baby PRT2000, Age Precision, Thermometer among, Age adjustable Fever, Memory recalls & Age with Age
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Johnson's Cottontouch products - specifically designed for delicate new-born skin/formulated to minimise the risk of allergies Lotion with real cotton oil and no added fragrance/soft and gentle enough for your baby's skin Only high quality
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Dreambaby Baby Safety Scissors are strong, safe and easy to use on tiny fingers. - Safety scissors with comfortable handles and rounded tips for extra protection. - Safely keep your little one's nails trim and tidy and prevent scratches. - Great for trave
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3-in-1 digital baby bath. ergonomic tub, thermometer and scales - Digital scales calculate baby’s weight – with or without water - Continuously measures water temperature and display on led screen - Two bathing positions for new-borns and toddlers - M
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Contains medicine spoon with dropper, medicine syringe, medicine dropper Helps administer medicine quickly, safely and easily with no mess, stress or fuss Clear, easy to read markings within the syringe and dropper to help you get the dose
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Protège des rayons UVA et UVB les peaux sensibles, intolérantes au soleil et à tendance atopique dès la naissance. - Appliquer généreusement et uniformément avant exposition pour maintenir un haut niveau de protection. Renouveler toutes les 2 heure
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Easy to install, flexible and light weight, Tucky is both a wearable thermometer and a position monitor. It is placed under the armpit by applying a double sided hypoallergenic adhesive.It measures continuously the temperature without disturbing
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The unique cone shaped adapter fits into just about any medicine bottle to help ensure your little one gets the correct dose. - Simply insert the syringe into the adapter and draw the required amount. - Makes administering medicine easy, fuss and mess-fre
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Vicks (4022167170415 / VH1700JUV-UK-LE) | Vicks Vapors Plug-In, Vicks Plug-In Vaporiser, Comforting Electrical Pad Vaporiser, Electrical Pad, Vicks Comforting Vapors Essential, Plug-In Vaporiser, Menthol and Essential
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Multi-functional digital thermometer for bath or room temperature - Rounded shape and flexible material to ensure no risk of harm to baby - Floats in the bath to make bath time fun - Auto On/Off function without switch - Protected temperature sensor for s
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Beautiful design with smooth curved and flowing roll top - Baby bath tub is suitable from birth up to 12 months - Integrated bum bump for support and hands-free bathing - Large, warm foam backrest & grippy non-slip feet - Use in the bath, shower, kitchen
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The brush is soft and gentle on the scalp. Dreambaby Comb - The non scratch, rounded teeth will help detangle hair without tears.Dreambaby Toothbrush - The compact head and soft bristles ensure great oral hygiene for developing teeth Nail
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Multi-functional digital thermometer: Takes bath and room temperature. Rounded shape and flexible material: No risk of injury if put in the mouth. 3-digit display: Temperature is precisely displayed. Lotus shape: Floats in the bath. Makes bathtime playfu
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Kit includes one each of Johnson's baby bath, baby oil, baby top to toe bath, baby gentle cleansing wipes, baby shampoo, baby bedtime bath, baby lotion and baby soap A specially selected range of Johnson's Baby products Ideal for storing yo