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Nail Oil Mavala 18054

  Mavala Mavadry Dries Nail Polish 10ml

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8.00 EUR

Tags Nail polish Mavala MAVADRY nail polish Mavala MAVADRY
EAN 7618900918016
Dimensions / Weight
Weight 100.00 kg
Dimensions 1x1x2 mm
Key Features
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Nail Oil Mavala 18054
17.26 GBP
7.80 GBP
MAVALA (7618900918016 / SMALTMAVAL1DRY) | Nail polish, Mavala MAVADRY nail polish, Mavala MAVADRY
10.53 EUR
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Instant touch-dry manicure - Contains Cotton Oil to take care of cuticles - A gliding, silky form - Instantly locks in colour - Use a small amount to create a professional finish
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Acetone Free nail polish remover pads - Quick and Easy to use - Packed in a practical container of 30 pads - Saturated pad to enable remover to penetrate the layers of polish - Good for travel and suitable for hand baggage inflight
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Mavala Gentle Nail Polish Remover - With acetone - Effective and fast working - Removes nail polish in one quick operation - Does not dry out the nail or cuticles - Swiss Quality - Works with all nail brands - Mavala Nail Polish Remover effectively remove
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Revolutionary Gel Finish Top Coat, no lamp required!Use on any polish to give a Gel Effect Finish Gives an extra-volume domed effect Long lasting with increased chip resistance Extra Gloss Finish without damaging the natural na
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MAVALA (7618900915053 / 7618900915053) | Mavala Nail, Mavala Cuticle
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Long-lasting quality paint that produces a finish that's even, smooth and ultra glossy, yet comes off easily with one sweep of remover - The iconic 5ml pots of colour are an affordable way to buy into key trends - Mavala's unique formula delivers microsco
4.99 GBP
MAVALA (7618900910416 / 3391)