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Braun. Batteries required 1 x rechargeable . - 5 minutes quick-charge time to provide enough power for one shave. - 1 hour charge time for 50 minutes usage. - Three pressure-sensitive shaving elements for efficiency and skin comfort
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The Wahl 3 in 1 rechargeable groomer, designed for painless body hair removal - Take care of larger areas such as the bikini line and underarms with the trimmer attachment, which has a 5 position adjustable attachment comb to create your desired length -
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Electric shaver for men with 360° adaptation for a smooth shave, even in tricky areas - Auto Sense technology reads and adapts power to beard density. Shaving even dense beards - Included: 4-in-1 Smart Care Center, Beard Trimmer attachment, Stubble Beard
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Flex foils - move with you for a more comfortable shave - Wet/dry shaving - convenient for use in the shower and easy cleaning - Practically indestructible - Shock-proof housing to deal with the rigours of everyday life - Pop up precision trimmer - wide p
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Panasonic (5025232516483 / TRTAZ11A) | Wet and dry, Pivoting head, Shaving Foam, Electric Shavers, Panasonic Wet, Two-blade Rechargeable Shaver, Panasonic 2-Blade, X ES-RW30 Shaver, Contours and sideburns & Simply rinse the Shaver
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Achieve extra smoothness with the Dual Foil shaving system, which follow the curves of the body for a comfortable shaving experience.A floating trimmer adjusts to the body shape to cut the finest hairs for a consistently smooth finish.Use
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Liftlogic blades pull your facial hair taut before cutting closer to the hair follicle Multi-directional shave heads adapt to the angles of your face Lithium powered with up to 50 minutes run time from a 4 hours charge Other features
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Dual foil for a closer shave - Floating trimmer tracks your curves for comfort - Suitable for wet and dry use - Removable washable heads for easy cleaning - 2 year guarantee
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Braun. 5 minutes quick-charge time to provide enough power for one shave. - Batteries required 2 x rechargeable . - Series 3, led battery indicator. - 1 hour charge time for 20 minutes usage. - Durable cordless electric shaver, waterproof to 5 meters.
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Electric shaver with three pressure-sensitive shaving elements for efficiency and skin comfort - Durable cordless electric razor, washable under water - Rechargeable long-life Ni MH batteries; full charge in 1 hour for 30 minutes trimming and shaving - De
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Double foil shaver for comfortable and quick shaving results - 2 x hypoallergenic floatings heads the follow the body's contours - Intercept trimmer for enhanced cutting performance and smoother results - Cordless with charging stand - Bikini trimming com
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Upgrade your shaver with two new features Precise edge: Exchangeable trimmer head for accurate shaping Even trim: 5 combs 1-7mm for a masculine 3-day beard look Compatible with new generation Series 3 and old generation Series 3
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Superior cutting performance. 13,000 cpm linear motor provides a smooth clean shave with no power losses or missed whiskers, even when shaving heavy beards.Sharp and smooth finish. The acute 30 degree cutting edge of the inner blades enables an
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Innovative Shaving Sensor: Detects beard density to automatically adjust cutting power. The sensor determines differences in beard density at different locations, and power is controlled to provide powerful cutting where your beard is heavy and soft cutti
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compatible with all s7xxx and angular-shaped s5xxx - powerful performance in every pass - reset your shaver very simply - replace the shaver heads and get back to 100% performance - with up to 90.000 cutting actions per minute, the steel precision blades
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Battery operated electric lady shaver Floating foil and trimmer for a close shave on legs, underarms or bikini line Rounded head adapts to body contours. A close shave, followed by the touch of a vibrating exfoliation attachment. Easy to us
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Dual Precision cutting system blades - Ultra thin heads with slots to shave long hairs; 3 shaving heads - Dual blade system with lift and cut technology; Stainless steel blades for comfortably close shave - Fits product types: HQ7100, HQ7140, HQ7160, HQ71
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Comfort spin heads feature smooth spinning heads for a more sensitive shave Liftlogic blades deliver a close cutting performance and multidirectional shave heads adapt to all facial contours Lithium powered 60 minutes cordless usage from 90
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PERSONAL MALE GROOMING SET – This male grooming set is multi-functional and features 4 interchangeable heads to cater for beard maintenance, nose and ear trimming, sideburn shaping, and general body hair sculpting. - RECHARGEABLE GROOMING KIT – This b
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5 classic blades - Double edge - Great value - retro look and style - PTFE coating reduces friction during the shave
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Remington (4008496823673 / PF7500) | Remington Comfort Series Pro, Dual Foil, Ensures this shaver, Style and advanced, Quick and easy grooming, Shaver delivers, Shave Comfort, Handy shaver, Style and performance & Easy shaving
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Razor head - Discover our entire Remington collection - Compatible with reference F4800 - Take care of yourself with Remington quality - Men's Razor, Body and Face Trimmer
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Power Cut Blades have been engineered for a consistent clean shave - 4D Flex Heads follow your face's contours for a comfortable shave - Finish your look with our built-in trimmer. Ideal for maintaining your mustache and trimming your sideburns! - Cordles
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Braun (4210201072942 / 72942) - Braun - hanger - Shaving head - Compatibility: Series 7, Pulsonic - Quantity per pack: 1 pc(s) - Country of origin: Germany - Package depth: 80 mm - Package Height: 160 mm | Braun Series & Braun Shaver
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Remington (4008496650538 / others) | Remington shavers, Remington components, Sensitive Foil, Remington Foil Pack, Replacement Foil Pack, Total performance, RS7832P and RS7868, Remington shaver, Shaver clean, Foil Pack
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Replacement foil pack for Remington shavers - Fits models: F510, F520 - Foil made from Titanium - 300% harder than steel foils - Remington components - Restores total performance
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Replacement foil and cutter pack for Remington shaver - Fits model: MS1551 - Clean Shave series - Genuine Remington components - Restores total performance
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Remington Shaver Foil & Cutter Combi Pack SP132 for WDF5500/ 6000 - The cutters or rotary heads should be changed every 2 or 2 1/2 years and foils whenever necessary - Men with thicker hair or more frequent users might need to change the cutters or rotary
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DAVID Combi Plane - Aluminium body - Three blade positions - Supplied with two double sides blades - spare blades available
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Replace the blade and as a new network - Razor + Network games available. - Set Myeongdong + Day - Models As Follows: - * CoolTec CT2s, CT2cc, ct3cc, CT4s, ct4cc, ct5cc, ct6cc
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The Clean and Renew cartridges also keep your Braun blades in top condition, ensuring the ultimate performance with every stroke. It also releases a refreshing lemon scent. Fresh alcohol-based cleaning fluid is pumped through the shaver head to
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Braun (4210201163367 / 81569940) - AC input voltage: 100-240 V - Battery level indicator - Fast charging - Power cord included - Trimmer - Washable - Waterproof - Nickel-Metal Hydride (NiMH) - LED - Box | Braun Series & Close shave