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Gillette (3014260251147 / 83331) | Gillette Mach3, Hair to be cut, Blue II Plus Disposable, Protect your skin, Helps stretch your skin, DuraComfort blades, Mach3 Razor, Razor features, Gillette Blue II, Mach3 skin
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With five Ultra Glide blades and a water-activated gel pools, Wilkinson Sword Hydro 5 Razor Blades provide a close, comfortable shave. - Skin guards helps smooth over the skin to prevent them from getting caught between the blades as they pass over the fa
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Philips (8710103894377 / COS283273) - AC input voltage: 100 - 240 V - Battery level indicator - Cordless - Rechargeable - Rechargeable battery - Trimmer - Washable - Waterproof - Lithium-Ion (Li-Ion) | Hour charge & Shaving head included
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Gillette (7702018943609 / RADGETTMACH3) | Close shave, Gillette Mach3, Mounted blades, Gillette Mach3 disposable Razors, 3-bladed disposable, 2-bladed disposable, Gillette 2-bladed
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proraso beard shampoo azur lime 200 ml - proraso - made in italy - Quality product
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For men to avoid irritations shaving - Tilt the blade for minimal skin contact - Clinically tested for sensitive skin
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SHAVE IN CLASSIC COMFORT: With four ultra-sharp blades on an angular platform, the Pace 4 Pro is your go-to razor for a smooth, rejuvenating shave every day. The unique pivoting head and soft rubber fin help you mop up any stragglers and ensure your beard
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BOLIN WEBB (0680569863959 / X1-BLK-BLK) | Gillette Fusion, Perfect shave, Black Razor
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Gillette (7702018425761 / 108278776) | Gillette Fusion, Precision Blades, Edging tough areas, Nose and sideburns, Razor blade refill, Vs Mach3, Fusion Razor, Razor Blades, Gillette Razor, Fusion blade
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Bolin Webb - a UK company dedicated to quality grooming products Attractive and fashionable Laquered metal handle with a Bacteria-resistant rubber grip for hygiene Designed for use Gillette Mach3 blades Check out our Pink Sumo A
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Textured handle and chrome-plated brass with a length of 10 cm for a good grip. Even wet hands will not slip. - Thanks to its quality of manufacture and finish, this razor ensures a precise shave. - Suitable for everyone, even novices of this type of shav
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Contents: 5 pieces, made in Spain - 2-blade disposable razor and fixed head. - With non-slip rubber handle - For men - 2 blades
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GilletteLabs men's razor: for effortless shaving and exfoliation in one stroke - With exfoliating bar: built-in exfoliating bar clears a path before the blades pass - Incredible comfort and closeness: this razor with adaptive 2D FlexDisc design features G
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Premium chromed double edged razor made from 100% stainless steel - Easy to use and great for trimming - Value for money in the long run with cost effective blades - Butterfly opening and locking mechanism - Blades 47mm
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The Premium Classic stainless steel safety razor convinces with casual elegance and butterfly mechanism for inserting the blade - Wilkinson Sword's double-edged Classik blades are triple-edged for a thorough and comfortable shave - Screw mechanism for eas
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Ideal for sensitive skin Easy rinse blades with anti-clogging cartridge design for easy flow of water For optimal performance, store product in a dry environment between use.Use with shaving gel or foam Replace blade cartridge
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Pack of 5 Blades with 16 Refills - Ideal for sensitive skin - Easy rinse blades with anti-clogging cartridge design for easy flow of water - For optimal performance, store product in a dry environment between use - Use with shaving gel or foam - Replace b
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YOUR SHAVE WILL LAST LONGER: When you use a normal safety razor, you need to shave every day. But using this shavette razor your skin only needs to be shaven every other day. You will look cool and by using a straight razor you will impress most of you
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JOIN THE FOREFRONT OF SHAVING: With a patented six-blade angular shaving platform, Dorco has created the next generation of razors dermatologically tested to shave smooth with a single stroke while replenishing skin at the same time.GO DEEP: The
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Clinically proven for sensitive skin - Defense against the occurrence of razor bumps and designed to help stop irritation - Lubrication before and after the blades shields skin during the shave - Unique SkinGuard feature positioned between the blades smoo
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Gillette. Snowplow comfort guard to help clear away excess shave prep - Blade stabiliser helps maintain precise blade shape. Blade suspension system for an optimal comfort
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A single blade razor designed for edging sideburns and strong beard lines to help you achieve your ideal look - Long-lasting sharp blades for utmost precision and closed comb head for better control - These razor blades are reinforced with durable platinu