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Ubiquiti UOC-2 UniFi ODN Cable MM, LC-LC 2 m Mint Green (Image 1)
Ubiquiti UOC-2 UniFi ODN Cable MM, LC-LC 2 m Mint Green (Main image)

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Ubiquiti UOC-2 UniFi ODN Cable MM, LC-LC 2 m Mint Green

  Ubiquiti Networks UOC-2 UniFi ODN Cable. 2 meter UOC-2

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Tags Patch Cable UniFi ODN UniFi ODN Cable Ubiquiti UOC-2 UniFi ODN 2m UOC-2 UniFi ODN Cable
Brand Ubiquiti
EAN 0817882020442
Dimensions / Weight
Weight 0.07 kg
Key Features
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Industrial-grade Ethernet cable that protects your network from elemental and electrostatic damage - The UISP-Cable-Pro is a Category 5e cable with a highly insulating, weatherproof jacket that prevents damage from rain, snow, and other extreme climatic c
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Ubiquiti Networks INS-8023AF-I External Power Converter
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Ubiquiti (0810354021763 / INS-8023AF-I) - Bus bandwidth: 8 - Maximum CPU configuration: 1 - Maximum PCI Express lanes: 44 - PCI Express slots version: 3.0 - Processor ARK ID: 189125 - Processor cores: 14
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Ubiquiti AF-5G30-S45 5 GHz airFiber Dish 30 dBi Slant 45 for airFiber
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Powerful Performance for Long-Range Links Robust Design and Construction for Outdoor Use Seamless Integration with air Fiber Radio
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Ubiquiti Networks U Fiber GPON, B+ Fiber optic 1490nm 2500Mbit/s SFP network transceiver module
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Ubiquiti Networks U Fiber GPON, B+ network transceiver module Fiber optic 2500 Mbit/s SFP 1490 nm - 0817882020305 - UF-GP-B+ - Network Transceiver Modules
-7 % today only
Ubiquiti Networks UniFi Cloud Key Gen2 Plus
189.00 GBP
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Ubiquiti (0817882024532 / UCK-G2-PLUS) - Built-in display - LED indicators - On/off switch - Quick installation guide - Reset button - Depth: 134.2 mm - Height: 27.1 mm - Width: 131.2 mm - Gigabit Ethernet | Ubiquiti Networks
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Ubiquiti Networks NanoBeam M5
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Ubiquiti (0810354022449 / NBE-M5-16) | Ubiquiti Networks, Ubiquiti Networks NanoBeam M5, NanoBeam M5
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Ubiquiti UOC-0.5 UniFi ODN Cable MM LC-LC 0.5 m Mint Green
7.98 GBP
5.98 GBP
LC-LC Duplex Connector - Optical patch cable - ODN cable
-28 % today only
Ubiquiti UOC-3 UniFi ODN Cable MM, LC-LC 3 m Mint Green
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Ubiquiti (0817882020459 / UOC-3) | Ubiquiti Networks, UniFi ODN
-43 % today only
Ubiquiti Networks Black Design Upgradable Casing for Nanohd, Pack of 3, NHD-COVER-BLACK-3
58.38 GBP
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Ubiquiti (0817882025669 / NHD-COVER-BLACK-3) | Ubiquiti Networks
-23 % today only
Ubiquiti UOC-2 UniFi ODN Cable MM, LC-LC 2 m Mint Green
10.06 GBP
7.72 GBP
Ubiquiti (0817882020442 / UOC-2) | Patch Cable, UniFi ODN, UniFi ODN Cable, Ubiquiti UOC-2, UniFi ODN 2m, UOC-2 UniFi ODN Cable
-20 % today only
Ubiquiti Networks PBE-5AC-620
188.32 GBP
149.95 GBP
802.11ac Wireless AC built on the 5GHz ac standards for improved performance in wireless speeds up to 450mbps.Plug and play installation requires no tools for assembly; only a single wrench is required for pole-mounting.Advanced software