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AF PC Spray Duster Invertible CFC-free Non-flammable 200ml Ref SDU200D (Image 1)
AF PC Spray Duster Invertible CFC-free Non-flammable 200ml Ref SDU200D (Main image)

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AF PC Spray Duster Invertible CFC-free Non-flammable 200ml Ref SDU200D

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Tags Manufacturer Code Air Duster Dust from fans Invertible Non AF Sprayduster Non AF Sprayduster ASDU200D EAN Dust from equipment
Brand AF
EAN 5028356500635
Model SDU200D
Dimensions / Weight
Key Features
Type Computer Cleaning
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AF (5028356501045 / PHC100T) - Colour: White | Product Type, Recycled Product, Green Product, Cleaning Wipes, Cleaning fluid, Wipes and Box, AF Phone-Clene, AF Phone, Wipes APHC100T, Equipment clean
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AF PC Spray Duster Invertible CFC-free Non-flammable 200ml Ref SDU200D
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Compressed air duster for cleaning dust from equipment Promote airflow by removing dust from fans Liquid-free design for equipment safety Invertible design: can be used upside down Non-flammable
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AF Multi-Screen Clene
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200ml universal anti-static screen cleaning solution with washable easy clene cloth included in the lid. - Effectively removes greasy smears, fingerprints and dust from screens including: Smartphones, Tablets, Laptops, LED, TFT & PC screens, TV’s, Lense
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10 wet alcohol-free cleaning wipes and 10 dry wipes to clean in-between keys and hard to reach areas with ease - Use the clever cleaning tool to access in-between keys to remove dust, crumbs and dirt - Simply wrap the wet wipe around the tool and glide th
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Safe and Quick - Dry out your water damaged Phone, mp3,camera - ideal in an emergency when going on holiday, climbing, boat or camping trips
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Barcode - 5028356500260 - Depth - 6.50 cm - EC Commodity Code - 38247800 - Form Factor - Cleaning Spray