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Pritt 1406935 - Stick Adhesive Medium 22gm Pk24

  Pritt Stick Medium 20gm 1034/1734 2002 261384 - HK1034

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  Pritt Stick Medium 20gm 1034/1734 2002 261384 - 489-8869

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  Pritt Stick 22g Original, Pack of 24 | 261384

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Tags Pack Size Product Type Manufacturer Code Degrees Celsius Glue sticks Renewable ingredients Pritt sticks Glue Stick Pritt Stick 22g Original Pritt Stick Medium
Brand Pritt
MPN 24927
EAN 5010305053996
Dimensions / Weight
Weight 0.94 kg
Key Features
Colour White
Type Glues
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Pritt Compact Permanent Glue Roller / Disposable Adhesive Roller Ideal for Crafting and Scrapbooking / 10 x Pritt Roller
27.73 GBP
22.88 GBP
Disposable glue roller by Pritt for quick and easy gluing without spilling, running or uneven outcomes - Thanks to the honeycomb structure of the tape the glue offers perfect adhesion and can be applied cleanly and precisely - Ideal for: crafting and scho
-20 % today only
Pritt Stick Jumbo 90gm Pack of 6
34.74 GBP
27.73 GBP
Pritt (5010305052876) - Colour: Clear - Type: Glues | Pack Size, Product Type, PRODUCT DESCRIPTION, Pritt Stick, Renewable ingredients, Pritt sticks, Washable Non-toxic Jumbo 90g, Washable Non-toxic Jumbo, Stick Jumbo & Celsius and solvent
-15 % today only
PRITT Stick 11G Hanging Box 1456040 PK10
11.75 GBP
9.95 GBP
Pritt (5010305053026 / na) - Colour: White - Type: Glues | Pack Size, Product Type, Pritt Stick, Glue sticks, Renewable ingredients, Pritt sticks, Glue Stick, Non Toxic, Hanging Box, Adhesive Stick
-34 % today only
Pritt 1406935
55.78 GBP
36.88 GBP
Pritt (5010305053996 / 24927) - Colour: White - Type: Glues | Pack Size, Product Type, Manufacturer Code, Degrees Celsius, Glue sticks, Renewable ingredients, Pritt sticks, Glue Stick, Pritt Stick 22g Original & Pritt Stick Medium
-7 % today only
Multi Tack Squares, White, Pack of 1560
30.46 GBP
28.25 GBP
Versatile, removable and reusable - Ideal for mounting poster, paper, card and more to walls, doors and windows - Pre-cut into squares - White colour
-21 % today only
Pritt HK2340 8.4mm x 16m Permanent Roller Adhesive
5.74 GBP
4.56 GBP
Pritt (4015000087698 / 11220) - Colour: Red | Roller Adhesive, Retractable nib protector
-41 % today only
Pritt Glue-it Compact Roller Restickable 8.4mm x8.5 Metres 619767
39.08 GBP
22.88 GBP
Pritt (4015000446020) | Glue Roller, Adhesive roller, X Pritt, Pritt Compact Roller, HK78390 EAN, Glue Rollers, 4mm x 10m, 4mm x 10m Restickable
-14 % today only
Pritt Glue Stick, Safe & Child-Friendly Craft Glue for Arts & Crafts Activities, Strong-Hold adhesive for School & Office Supplies, 24 x 43 g Pritt Stick
50.22 GBP
43.41 GBP
-12 % today only
Pritt 4.2 mm x 10 m Correction Roller
4.21 GBP
3.72 GBP
Environmentally friendly correction roller made from 100% recycled plastic - Flexible nib adapts to the application angle to prevent tape tearing - Two way correction: pull for a whole sentence, push for one word
-12 % today only
Pritt Compact Correction Roller 4.2mm x 10m
25.31 GBP
22.33 GBP
Instant, Dry Correction Tape 8.5 metres of Tape - 4.2mm standard width ideal for single line of typed text - Write or type on immediately - Can be used on most types of paper - Solvent and acid free
-3 % today only
Pritt PVA Craft Glue Tube
2.83 GBP
2.75 GBP
Solvent free and washable Great for all arts and crafts activities from making collages to building models Ideal for paper, card, fabric, wood and many other craft materials Acid-free Clear glue that comes in an easy-to-use tube
-10 % today only
Pritt 2118120Refill Non-Permanent Glue Roller
7.47 GBP
6.72 GBP
For instant support and detachable gluing Mini roller applicator and protective cap Tape length: 16 m