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☘️IN NEED FOR CREATIVITY: Every child should have time to let their imagination free and drawing is as natural as laughing! That's why our art kit includes 12 stencils boards, 13 colored pencils, a sketchpad, a sharpener, a mechanical pen and a pen
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LET YOUR IMAGINATION RUN WILD; Great tool for educational use in school and nurseries as well as play time at home6 ANIMALS TO DRAW; Featuring different animals outlined on each stencil - Chicken, Cat, Duck, Cow, Sheep and Pig EASY TO USE;
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LET YOUR IMAGINATION RUN WILD; Great tool for educational use in school and nurseries as well as play time at home6 VEGETABLES TO DRAW; Featuring vegetables outlined on each stencil - Carrot, Leek, Mushroom, Tomato, Courgette and Eggplant
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LET YOUR IMAGINATION RUN WILD - Great for no mess Kid's Crafts!DINOSAUR'S - Pterodactyls, Triceratops, Diplodocus, T-REX, Ankylosaurs and Stegosaurus EASY TO USE - Simply place the template on top of your chosen paper or card and fill the
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This set of six die templates features curvy edges with intricate details Makes this a wonderful complement to the card creator die template series There are four different edge designs and two decorative inserts
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High Quality craft materials from Playbox Arts and craft for kids Nice creative kit for decorating/crafting with kids School Quality Helps children to be creative
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Create layered effects, backgrounds, or textures and patterns on journal pages, mixed media, or paper craft projects with the stencils The eclectic designs can be used in combination with Dylusions Stamps for one of a kind imagery Perfect f
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Suitable for home décor Suitable for arts and crafts projects Designed for easy usage and storage Available in a variety of designs, the stencils come in two sizes for flexibility in completing craft projects large and small.U
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10 stencils Designs inspired by nature Decorative edges for creating borders Durable translucent plastic
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TODO-STENCIL. Adaptable stencil. Adapt to any surface with ease. - Durable stencil. They can practically be used forever. - High-quality stencil. Our stencils are cut with a great deal of accuracy.
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Use these detailed stencils for decorating walls furniture floors and more Easy-to-use and perfect to add accents or redesign a whole area of your home This package contains one 22x22 inch mixed media decor stencil Comes in a variety
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Grapevine corners: 2 1/4-inch by 2 1/4-inch Grapevine borders 5 1/4-inch l by 3/4-inch w Grapes 2/5-inch by 2/75-inch
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Superior cutting and embossing dieapprox. 110 x 75 mm High quality carbonised steel For use with most die-cutting machines Cuts through paper, cardstock, vellum, light fabrics and more...
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Perfect for craft and home decor projects Produced with the highest grade materials Made in netherlands