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Sellotape SE04420 20mm x 40mm Removable Sticky Fixer (Image 1)
Sellotape SE04420 20mm x 40mm Removable Sticky Fixer (Main image)

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Sellotape SE04420 20mm x 40mm Removable Sticky Fixer

  Sellotape Removable Sticky Fixer 20x50mm 10 strips 484345 - 112-6125

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  Sellotape Sticky Fixers Removable Pads 20mmx40mm (Pack of 10) 1445286

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  Sellotape Removable Sticky Fixers Pack 10 20 X 50mm 484345 - SE04420

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Tags Sticky Fixers Foam pads Removable pads Adhesive pads Backing paper Sticky Fixers 20x50mm Sellotape Removable Sticky Fixers X Sellotape Removable Mounting and fixing Foam fixing
Brand Sellotape
MPN 1445286
EAN 5010305051206
Dimensions / Weight
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Sellotape TS-170036 Sticky Hook and Loop Pad, 20mm x 20mm, Pack of 24
3.41 GBP
2.18 GBP
Self-adhesive hook and loop fasteners which stick together and detach as often as required - Both parts have a strong self-adhesive backing and will stick to most materials - For temporary or permanent mounting of samples, posters and photoprints - Hook c
-22 % today only
Sellotape Chrome Dispenser
8.88 GBP
6.90 GBP
Designer look; Chrome effect Pen hold Dispenses adhesive tape up to 19mm wide and 33m long Suitable for small core rolls from the Sellotape range Always keeps the end of the tape handy
-30 % today only
Sellotape SE4275 Double Sided Tape/Dispenser
3.49 GBP
2.46 GBP
Versatile tape coated on both sides with strong adhesive Hand tearable for ease of use Perfect for all kinds of mounting including you photos, crafts and exhibition work Finger-lift strip now easier to remove
3.39 GBP
Sellotape (5010305051220 / 783895) | Double sided, Sellotape Outdoor Sticky Fixers, Permanent Outdoor, Resistant to water, Sticky Fixers, X Sellotape Outdoor
-37 % today only
Sellotape Original Golden Tape 18mm x 25m 8 Pack
18.22 GBP
11.46 GBP
Sellotape (5010305049937 / 470464) - Colour: Clear - Type: Adhesive Tape | Pack Size, Product Type, Adhesive Type, Clear Tape, Sticky Tape, 18mm x 25m, Tear Roll, Sellotape Golden tape, Scissors Ideal
-75 % today only
Sellotape Permanent Double Sided Sticky Fixer
4.99 GBP
1.25 GBP
The ultimate foam fixing pad - Strong double sided adhesion - Pre-cut pads are easy to remove from the backing paper - Gives a secure fit on uneven surfaces - It can joint or mount paper, card, wood, ceramics, metal and most plastics
-34 % today only
Sellotape Original Golden Non-Static Easy-Tear Large Tape Roll 18mm x 66m
40.49 GBP
26.57 GBP
Sellotape (5010305049951 / CEOND293528) - Colour: Clear - Type: Adhesive Tape | Product Type, Tape Colour, Easy tear, Roll length, Sellotape Original Golden Tape, 18mm x 66m, Clear Tape, Sticky Tape & Sellotape Original Golden
-25 % today only
Sellotape SE04420 20mm x 40mm Removable Sticky Fixer
3.23 GBP
2.41 GBP
Sellotape (5010305051206 / 1445286) | Sticky Fixers, Foam pads, Removable pads, Adhesive pads, Backing paper, Sticky Fixers 20x50mm, Sellotape Removable Sticky Fixers, X Sellotape Removable, Mounting and fixing & Foam fixing
-53 % today only
Sellotape Premium Hand 50mm Case Sealer/ Tape Dispenser with Brake
31.79 GBP
15.00 GBP
Sellotape (5000301043305) - Colour: Blue - Dimensions: 26.5 (W) x 39 (D) x 40 (H) cm - Type: Tape Dispensers | Product Type, Items securely, Rolls up to 50mm, Sellotape Premium Hand 50mm, Tape Dispenser with Brake & Sealer Dispenser with Brake
-19 % today only
Sellotape 1447054 Office Tape 33 m Transparent 3 Pieces Office Adhesive
41.42 GBP
33.53 GBP
Sellotape (5010305051053 / 1447054) | Double sided, Easy tear, Sellotape Double Sided Tape, Double Sided Tape, Sellotape Double Sided, Tape 50MM, Strong adhesive, 33m Pack, Tape coated
-18 % today only
Sellotape On Hand Invisible Refills Matt Tape
3.67 GBP
3.00 GBP
Maximum comfort: extra sticky and maximum clarity - Compatible with Sellotape On-hand Dispenser, which leaves both hands free for wrapping, crafting and decorating - Invisible once applied, this high quality tape is a seamless fix for wrapping - Super cle
-47 % today only
SellotapeHook & Loop Removable Adhesive Pad
4.69 GBP
2.47 GBP
Removable, self adhesive hook and loop pads - Great for hanging hooks, signs, pictures and displays - Can be removed or repositioned - Colour: Yellow/White - Pack of 24 pre cut pads