Consumer Store


ConsumerStore offers you an API that allows you to access the price information of our catalog, thanks to our API you will have access to information about the price of millions of products in all the stores that we analyze.

To access the API you must be registered as a user and register an API Key in your account. The steps to take would be

1.- Register as a ConsumerStore user using the registration form or through your Google account
2.- Access your account to the API section and generate a new APIKEY
3.- Perform the integration of the API Key

Please note that some information is restricted by certain trade agreements, so there are stores for which no information is provided.

API limitations

The API is limited to 1000 requests per month for free, if you need more requests, contact our team and we will provide you with a tailor-made quote.


Get the price of a product


Get the price list of a given product in existing stores



Make a GET or POST request to the API URL, with the following parameters:

  • apikey, include your API Key here
  • method=product.getprice
  • market, Country (uk, de, fr, it, es)
  • ean, Product EAN (13 dígitos)


  • status, Possible values: OK, FAIL
  • error, Error code in case the request fails
  • result, price list:
    • platform, Online Store name
    • platform_url, Online Store url
    • product, Product name in store
    • product_url, Product url in store
    • price, Last price found
    • unix_timestamp, Date the price was found

Errores posibles

  • INCORRECT_METHOD, The indicated method does not exist.
  • INCORRECT_EAN, Wrong EAN or a product that does not exist in our catalog.
  • INCORRECT_MARKET, The market you have included does not exist.
  • INCORRECT_IP, Access IP is not allowed.
  • INCORRECT_APIKEY, The indicated API KEY does not exist.
  • LIMIT_REACHED, You have reached the limit of allowed requests.

GET petition Example{APIKEY}&method=product.getprice&market={MARKET}&ean={EAN}