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Swarovski Attract Round Necklace, White, Rhodium Plating (Image 1)
Swarovski Attract Round Necklace, White, Rhodium Plating (Image 2)
Swarovski Attract Round Necklace, White, Rhodium Plating (Image 3)
Swarovski Attract Round Necklace, White, Rhodium Plating (Main image)

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Swarovski Attract Round Necklace, White, Rhodium Plating

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Tags Necklace features Rhodium plated Swarovski Attract Swarovski Necklace Attract Necklace
Brand Swarovski
Model 5408442
MPN 5408442
EAN 9009654084429
Dimensions / Weight
Key Features
Collection Swarovski Attract
Color Silver
Finish Polished
Gender Women
Jewel type Necklace
Material Rhodium, Stainless steel
Metal White Metal,Rhodium Plated
Range Attract
Stone Cubic Zirconia
Stone colour Clear
Warranty 2 years
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80.00 GBP
Bring a touch of magic to your home this year with the glamorous Annual Edition Ornament 2019 - The beautiful star design has been expertly crafted in clear crystal and features 90 scintillating facets - Hung on a white satin ribbon, it displays ‘2019
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International Warranty: 2 years of guarantee. - Type of packaging: Original box included. - Brand: Swarovski - Gender:: women. - Swarovski Crystals: Clear