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【EASY TO INSTALL AND REMOVE】The guitar copper fret wire is easy to install and remove. A complete set of 24pcs fret wires for enough use. - 【SLEEK SURFACE AND EDGE】The standard guitar fret wire with fine machining ensures sleek surface and edge of
22.00 EUR
IK Multimedia. 1/8" TRRS output for use with i Phone, i Pad, i Pod touch, Mac and Android - 1/4" amplifier output for use with an external amplifier without an adaptor - 1/4" instrument input for use with guitar, bass and other line instruments
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🎸2.4ghz Uncompressed Signal:This wireless guitar system is 2.4GHz ISM frequency band,less than 5ms latency,low noise,low latency,more than 100 feet effective range.You are afforded the freedom to roam the stage for a truly dynamic performance. - 🎸8
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Classic Rock: Delivers the classic crunch of a UK-made 100w amp - No need for a guitar cable! Plug it directly into your guitar and use with headphones - A folding plug mechanism that rotates 180 degrees lets you adjust the angle to match your guitar. - A
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【Stereo & Mono Sound】 LEKATO WS60 wireless guitar system supports both mono and stereo musical instruments. Dual channel surround sound, suitable for electronic drum, guitar, bass, electronic organ and other electroacoustic musical instruments, so tha
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Ergonomically designed for easy grip - Opens your beer bottles and pulls your bridge pins - Keychain attachment for on the go
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Ergonomically designed - Includes built in string stretcher - Fits both vintage and modern basses - Will last longer than standard peg winders - Fits easily in any case accessory compartment
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World's finest machine heads - Locks Automatically - Quick String Change - 18:1 Gear Ratio for Precise Tuning - Lifetime Warranty
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Made of metal,durable & pretty strong material, Fits most Floyd Rose Original tremolo bridge Fender Strat ST the vast majority of floating tremolo systems, Ibanez, ESP, Ernie Ball Music Man, EVH,Jackson, Kramer - Premium Tremolo Springs, Dimension: approx
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9V power supply for up to 8 effects pedals - Built in LED display guitar tuner - Die-cast metal housing with on/off LED indicator - All power cables are included - Polarity conversion cable included
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C to C - 13 hand turned bronze reeds - Sequential scale arrangement marked with embossed notations on top and bottom - Country of Origin: UNITED STATES
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Guitar Tech Pickguard Bracket - Chrome - Suitable for electric guitar - GUITAR TECH, a whole host of quality replacement hardware, pickups, bridges and parts for a huge selection of electric and acoustic instruments. - Guitar Tech Guitar Parts
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Fantastic quality past-35/sw cabinet carrier plate Extensively tested and excellent value For full details, visit
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Voice 1 - "My heavy metal voice." Pole pieces for more "sonic havoc" when compared to blade magnets. - Voice 2 - "A low-gain, single coil, passive, sweet-sounding tone " that hits amps and compressors - 9-volt or optional rechargeable battery pack
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The Pegasus bridge was originally designed for extended range instruments. However, 6 string players immediately demanded we offer a version to call their own. It incorporates an alnico 5 bar magnet and custom winding specs. The goal was to deliver a w
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Fishman vintage strat style pickup Acoustic pickup for the electric guitar Piezo replacement bridge Acoustic and hybrid acoustic/electric sounds Professional installation