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Casio MH-12-WE Digit Large Semi Desk Calculator (Image 1)
Casio MH-12-WE Digit Large Semi Desk Calculator (Image 2)
Casio MH-12-WE Digit Large Semi Desk Calculator (Main image)

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Casio MH-12-WE Digit Large Semi Desk Calculator

  Casio 12-Digit Landscape Basic Function Calculator White MH-12-WE-SK-UP - CS09131

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  Casio 12-Digit Landscape Basic Function Calculator White MH-12-WE-SK-UP - CS09131

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  Casio 12-Digit Landscape Basic Function Calculator White MH-12-WE-SK-UP CS09131

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Tags Designed by experts Casio Landscape Calculator features Comfort and efficiency Enhanced by the extra-large
Brand Casio
EAN 4971850091318
Dimensions / Weight
Key Features
Colour White
Type Desktop Calculators
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Casio fx-83 is the UK's best-selling scientific calculator.fx-83GTX is the new upgraded version of the fx-83GTPLUSAllowed in every UK exam where a calculator can be used Recommended and approved for use within Key Stages 3 and 4, to
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