Outdoor Living https://www.consumerstore.com/uk/outdoor-living/ Copyright (C) 2022 https://www.consumerstore.com/uk Hozelock PortaShower A compact, portable shower Ideal for camping and caravanning Easy to control hand spray2m hose for great reach460mm high and easy to store Multi purpose sprayer for outdoor leisure and gardening needs7 L bottle si [36.99 GBP] https://www.consumerstore.com/uk/outdoor-living/gardening/watering-equipment/nozzles-spray-guns/hozelock-portashower.html Thu, 26 May 2022 15:41:31 +0200 Nilfisk Compact Patio Cleaner, compatible with Nilfisk Pressure Washers Ideal for cleaning flat areas including your path, patio, driveway and paving.It can also be used on vertical surfaces such as walls, fences and garage doors.It has a rotating cleaning attachment where the excess water is contained by the [26.75 GBP] https://www.consumerstore.com/uk/tools/mowers-outdoor-power-tools/pressure-washers/nilfisk-compact-patio-cleaner-compatible-with-nilfisk-pressure-washers.html Thu, 26 May 2022 15:41:31 +0200 3M 1100 Earplugs, 37 dB, Uncorded, 200 Pairs/Box 3M (4001895874802 / 1100) - Colour: Orange - Polyurethane - OEM: 1100 - Pack contains: 200 - Product unit: 1 - Type: Ear Plugs | Foam earplugs, Foam Ear Plugs, Orange Disposable Noise, Orange earplugs & 3M Uncorded earplugs [43.15 GBP] https://www.consumerstore.com/uk/tools/safety-security/fire-safety/3m-1100-snr-37-db-1100-series-foam-rolldown-earplugs-200-pairs.html Thu, 26 May 2022 15:41:31 +0200 Hozelock 0.5L Spraymist Trigger Sprayer 0.5 Litre Sprayer for indoor applications Lightweight and easy to use Adjustable cone nozzle from jet to mist.Lockable on/off flow control trigger Wide neck for easy filling and emptying [4.99 GBP] https://www.consumerstore.com/uk/outdoor-living/gardening/plant-protection-pest-control/sprayers/hozelock-05l-spraymist-trigger-sprayer.html Thu, 26 May 2022 15:41:31 +0200 Hozelock Trico Flex Ultra Max Anti-Crush 30 m Hose Robust, anti-crush hose with weatherproof UV & frost protection5 layers with TNT anti-twist technology ensures the hose does not twist under pressure Soft & Flex technology delivers superb resistance to kinking, giving the feeling of light [55.95 GBP] https://www.consumerstore.com/uk/outdoor-living/gardening/watering-equipment/automatic-irrigation-equipment/drip-irrigation-kits/hozelock-trico-flex-ultra-max-anticrush-30-m-hose.html Thu, 26 May 2022 15:41:31 +0200 Draper 49905 Expert Compound Action Aviation Tin Shear, 250mm Expert Quality Straight cut chrome molybdenum steel compound action blades which increase leverage, serrated for extra grip Straight cut Capacity 1.2mm mild steel, 1.5mm aluminium and 0.8mm stainless steel [15.75 GBP] https://www.consumerstore.com/uk/outdoor-living/gardening/hand-tools/draper-expert-49905-250-mm-compound-action-aviation-tin-shears.html Thu, 26 May 2022 15:41:31 +0200 Bulldog 5514T28N Premier Rabbit/Planting Spade Solid forged head Designed to be dished in shape FSC ash T handle Ideal for planting and transplanting [27.63 GBP] https://www.consumerstore.com/uk/outdoor-living/gardening/hand-tools/shovels-spades/bulldog-5514t28n-premier-rabbitplanting-spade.html Thu, 26 May 2022 15:41:31 +0200 GPC GI960Y Sack Truck, Compact, Aluminium, Black Strong aluminium frame with a handy folding steel toe plate Folds away for convenient compact storage Easily carried and stored once folded Maximum load of 90kg for transporting heavy goods Made from durable material for prolong [156.70 GBP] https://www.consumerstore.com/uk/outdoor-living/gardening/garden-transportation/hand-trucks/gpc-gi960y-sack-truck-compact-aluminium-black.html Thu, 26 May 2022 15:41:31 +0200 GPC Medium Duty Three Way Truck GI135Y - Pack of 1 Converts quickly & easily into three types of truck Useful as a sack truck, 4 wheel sack truck and platform truck Strong metal frame with a large load capacity Rubber tyres suitable for a range of surfaces Gripped handles for ef [165.85 GBP] https://www.consumerstore.com/uk/outdoor-living/gardening/garden-transportation/hand-trucks/gpc-medium-duty-three-way-truck-gi135y-pack-of-1.html Thu, 26 May 2022 15:41:31 +0200 Alto Kew 6410762 Rotary Brush Intended for:Pressure washer Product Type:Rotating wash brush [51.99 GBP] https://www.consumerstore.com/uk/outdoor-living/mowers-outdoor-power-tools/outdoor-power-tools/alto-kew-6410762-rotary-brush.html Thu, 26 May 2022 15:41:31 +0200 Rocol 66080 300ml Spatter Release Spray Exceptional spatter release - one pass coating Film allows multiple welds Silicone free Easy cleaning Economical non-flammable spatter release [19.25 GBP] https://www.consumerstore.com/uk/office-products/art-craft-supplies/spray-paint/rocol-66080-300ml-spatter-release-spray.html Thu, 26 May 2022 15:41:31 +0200 Salt Spreader 36Kg Rain Cover Red 380945 Slingsby Virtual Stock (5052105234755 / 125090) - Colour: Red - Dimensions: 57 (W) x 96 (D) x 89 (H) cm - Type: De-Icing Equipment | Gear Box, Salt Spreader, Pneumatic tyres, Handle and directional flaps, Hopper screen & Directional flaps [297.66 GBP] https://www.consumerstore.com/uk/outdoor-living/gardening/spreaders/salt-spreader-36kg-rain-cover-red-380945.html Thu, 26 May 2022 15:41:31 +0200 SHIELD HEA00974 Powder-Free Gloves, Nitrile, Large, Blue Large size nitrile gloves for minimal risk applications - Powder-free to reduce allergies and dust contamination - Textured for improved grip - Non-latex: nitrile material reduces allergic reactions - Food safe: tested to EC1935/2004 standards [20.97 GBP] https://www.consumerstore.com/uk/outdoor-living/gardening/gardening-accessories-protective-clothing/gloves/shield-hea00974-powderfree-gloves-nitrile-large-blue-pack-of-100.html Thu, 26 May 2022 15:41:31 +0200 IRWIN - Knee Pads Professional Gel Non-marring Clothing & Workwear - Knee Pads - Irwin I-Gel Knee pads are designed to put maximum protection where it is needed most. The built-in flexibility of knee pads provides long-lasting comfort. Embedded I-Gel insert provides maximum impact resistance. [44.41 GBP] https://www.consumerstore.com/uk/outdoor-living/gardening/gardening-accessories-protective-clothing/kneepads/irwin-knee-pads-professional-gel-nonmarring.html Thu, 26 May 2022 15:41:31 +0200 Flexon WS5825 Weep and Soak Soaker Hose, Black, 25-Feet This weep and soak black soaker hose helps in growing a strong, healthy garden - This rubber slow soaker hose is a handy garden tool features a unique, non clogging porous design that provides even soaking above or below ground - Efficient soaking with th [44.75 GBP] https://www.consumerstore.com/uk/outdoor-living/gardening/watering-equipment/watering-cans/flexon-ws5825-weep-and-soak-soaker-hose-black-25feet.html Thu, 26 May 2022 15:41:31 +0200 Bosch Rotak 34 R Electric Rotary Lawn Mower, Cutting Width 34 cm 1300 W Powerdrive motor ensures a reliable cut in long or wet grass34 cm cutting diameter ideal for small to medium lawns up to one tennis court Double folding handles and stackable grassbox for compact storage Unique grass combs cut [163.99 GBP] https://www.consumerstore.com/uk/outdoor-living/mowers-outdoor-power-tools/lawn-mowers-tractors/lawn-mowers/rotary-mowers/bosch-rotak-34-r-electric-rotary-lawn-mower-cutting-width-34-cm.html Thu, 26 May 2022 15:41:31 +0200 VOW Eurpoe B00742 Plastic Vending 6 Cup Tray Prevents spillages and easy to carry Made from easily wiped clean plastic Cheap, convenient and handy Ideal for meetings, conferences or general office use Sturdy and handy vending cup tray [5.50 GBP] https://www.consumerstore.com/uk/outdoor-living/barbecue-outdoor-dining/outdoor-tableware-picnicware/outdoor-tableware/cups-mugs/vow-eurpoe-b00742-plastic-vending-6-cup-tray.html Thu, 26 May 2022 15:41:31 +0200 BBQ Grill, Stainless Steel barbecue grill Smoker charcoal bbq, Folding Portable BBQ for 5-10 Persons Family Garden Outdoor Cooking Camping Hiking Picnics Backpacking Barbecue Party Mbuynow (6921761125235) [35.99 GBP] https://www.consumerstore.com/uk/outdoor-living/barbecue-outdoor-dining/barbecues/freestanding-barbecues/charcoal-barbecues/bbq-grill-stainless-steel-barbecue-grill-smoker-charcoal-bbq-folding-portable-bbq-for-510-persons-family-garden-outdoor-cooking-camping-hiking-picnics-backpacking-barbecue-party.html Thu, 26 May 2022 15:41:31 +0200 Bentley CX03050 Wooden Mop Handle, 48 Inch Bentley (5014555030509 / CX03050) - Biodegradable: 0 - Pack contains: 1 - Colour: Brown - Country of origin: Brazil - VOW/BH.415 - Each - Type: Brooms, Mops & Buckets | Manufacturer Code, Mop Handle, Wooden Mop Handle & Durable Wooden [6.88 GBP] https://www.consumerstore.com/uk/outdoor-living/gardening/hand-tools/outdoor-patio-brooms/bentley-cx03050-wooden-mop-handle-48-inch.html Thu, 26 May 2022 15:41:31 +0200 Oria Indoor Outdoor Thermometer, Wireless Temperature Monitor, Digital LCD Thermometer with Remote Sensor, Outdoor Arrow Trends Oria (0713482645477) [19.99 GBP] https://www.consumerstore.com/uk/outdoor-living/outdoor-thermometers-meteorological-instruments/hygrometers/oria-indoor-outdoor-thermometer-wireless-temperature-monitor-digital-lcd-thermometer-with-remote-sensor-outdoor-arrow-trends-cf-minmax-value-tabletop-and-wallmounted-design-for-home.html Thu, 26 May 2022 15:41:31 +0200 Bentley Bulldozer Broom Floor Sweeping Cleaning Equipment Bentley (5014555025499 / CX02549) - Biodegradable: 0 - Pack contains: 1 - Colour: Black/Yellow - Country of origin: China - VOW/HQ.16 - Each | Heavy Duty, Heavy Duty Bulldozer Broom, Indoors on warehouse flooring & Inch Bulldozer Broom [22.18 GBP] https://www.consumerstore.com/uk/grocery/home-care-cleaning/cleaning-tools/bentley-bulldozer-broom-floor-sweeping-cleaning-equipment.html Thu, 26 May 2022 15:41:31 +0200 Fluval Plant Gro Plus aquarium Plant Fertiliser, 0.284999999999999 kg Essential Micro-nutrients for aquatic plants Fluval plants micro nutrients is now fortified with an effective source of vitamin BThis addition is implicated in growth rates and improved condition for long term vibrancy and colour. 250ml. [6.66 GBP] https://www.consumerstore.com/uk/outdoor-living/fluval-plant-gro-250-ml.html Thu, 26 May 2022 15:41:31 +0200 Shield GD05- Powder-free Disposable Clear Latex Gloves x 100 - Small Silicone free Optional lightly powdered finish for ease of donning Beaded cuff, providing additional strength and preventing liquid roll offpack of 10 x 100 [16.99 GBP] https://www.consumerstore.com/uk/outdoor-living/gardening/gardening-accessories-protective-clothing/gloves/disposable/shield-gd05-powderfree-disposable-clear-latex-gloves-x-100-small.html Thu, 26 May 2022 15:41:31 +0200 Multi-Sharp 2001 Drill Bit Sharpener MULTI-SHARP (5012718200103 / ATT2001) | Correct tip angles, Correct tip [19.95 GBP] https://www.consumerstore.com/uk/outdoor-living/gardening/hand-tools/multisharp-2001-drill-bit-sharpener.html Thu, 26 May 2022 15:41:31 +0200 Yardmaster International 64PZ 6 x 4ft Store-All Silver Pent Roofed Metal Shed Yardmaster International 64PZ 6 x 4ft Warehouse-All Silver Pent covered metal shed. Anchor fixings are also included. All components are individually numbered and pre-drilled for easy mounting. Made from 100% hot galvanized steel, [207.99 GBP] https://www.consumerstore.com/uk/outdoor-living/garden-storage-housing/sheds/yardmaster-international-64pz-6-x-4ft-storeall-silver-pent-roofed-metal-shed.html Thu, 26 May 2022 15:41:31 +0200 Hozelock 2070 Soft Touch Hose End Connector Hozelock Ltd (5010646059503 / HZ20706002) | Standard UK delivery, Standard UK, Soft touch, Connect within seconds, Twin Soft Touch, Highest quality materials, Leak proof, Hozelock Hose, Grip for ease & Hose End Connector [5.49 EUR] https://www.consumerstore.com/uk/outdoor-living/gardening/watering-equipment/hoses-accessories/parts-connectors/hozelock-2070-soft-touch-hose-end-connector.html Thu, 26 May 2022 15:41:31 +0200 Vitax 2 x Packs SBK 250ml Tough Weed Killer Brushwood Tree Stump Bramble Nettle Vitax (5012042022501) | Standard UK delivery, Returning items, Manufacturer’s warranties, Discretion of the manufacturer, Tree stumps, Woody weeds, SBK Brushwood Killer, Killer 250ml, Vitax SBK Brushwood, SBK 250ml [15.50 GBP] https://www.consumerstore.com/uk/outdoor-living/gardening/plant-protection-pest-control/weed-control/weed-killers/vitax-2-x-packs-sbk-250ml-tough-weed-killer-brushwood-tree-stump-bramble-nettle.html Thu, 26 May 2022 15:41:31 +0200 GPC GI991P Sack Truck, Aluminium Rubber tires suitable for a range of surfaces Made from durable material for prolonged use Maximum load of 200kg for transporting heavy goods Features reinforced bars to provide stability Easy grip handles for effortless movemen [433.52 GBP] https://www.consumerstore.com/uk/outdoor-living/gardening/garden-transportation/hand-trucks/gpc-gi991p-sack-truck-aluminium.html Thu, 26 May 2022 15:41:31 +0200 Faithfull Fal2303SDC Dep Centre Cut Disc 230 x 3.2 x 22mm Stone Proven reliable Faithfull technology Lightweight construction at just 0.23 Kgs High performace for the home or tradesman [2.95 GBP] https://www.consumerstore.com/uk/outdoor-living/gardening/plant-containers-accessories/faithfull-fal2303sdc-dep-centre-cut-disc-230-x-32-x-22mm-stone.html Thu, 26 May 2022 15:41:31 +0200 CAMON Equilibria-Vet 1g Supplements CAMON SpA (8019808152868 / 01499292) | Melissa and valerian, Relaxing activity, Birth of a child, Animal in the house [23.04 GBP] https://www.consumerstore.com/uk/outdoor-living/gardening/gardening-accessories-protective-clothing/aprons/camon-equilibriavet-1g-supplements.html Thu, 26 May 2022 15:41:31 +0200 Faithfull Power Plus CHAINSS 230V Electric Chainsaw Sharpener Faithfull (5023969287430 / CHAINSS) - Colour: Multicolour - Black, Red | Chainsaw chains, Chain guide with angle, 230V Electric Chainsaw Sharpener, Chainsaw Sharpener, Chain guide and angle, Grinding angle [46.79 GBP] https://www.consumerstore.com/uk/faithfull-power-plus-chainss-230v-electric-chainsaw-sharpener.html Thu, 26 May 2022 15:41:31 +0200 Shield Triple Box Glove Holder Dispenser - pack of 2 SHIELD (5024951008422 / GE/TGD) - Type: Disposable Gloves | Wall Mount, Glove Dispenser, Mount the Clear plastic, Glove boxes, Shield Triple [98.17 GBP] https://www.consumerstore.com/uk/outdoor-living/gardening/gardening-accessories-protective-clothing/gloves/shield-triple-box-glove-holder-dispenser-pack-of-2.html Thu, 26 May 2022 15:41:31 +0200 FSMISC FD BORDER SPADE 28IN PD ERGO GRN Slingsby Virtual Stock (5052105232478 / 380359) - Colour: Green - Type: Gardening Tools | Forged steel, Border Spade, Evergreen border spade, Inch Green, Forged steel border spade [67.92 GBP] https://www.consumerstore.com/uk/office-products/fsmisc-fd-border-spade-28in-pd-ergo-grn.html Thu, 26 May 2022 15:41:31 +0200 Evergreen Dutch Hoe 54 inch Alumiunium Grey/Green 380361 Fsmisc (5052105232492) - Colour: Green/Grey - Type: Gardening Tools | Carbon steel head, Soft-feel grip, Evergreen Dutch Hoe, Inch Alumiunium Grey/Green, Grey/Green Evergreen Dutch [57.70 GBP] https://www.consumerstore.com/uk/outdoor-living/gardening/hand-tools/hoes/evergreen-dutch-hoe-54-inch-alumiunium-greygreen-380361.html Thu, 26 May 2022 15:41:31 +0200 Nilfisk 128500702 pressure washer patio cleaner, blue Nilfisk (5703887123422 / 128500702) - Each | Patio cleaner, Pressure washer, Nilfisk pressure [53.95 GBP] https://www.consumerstore.com/uk/tools/mowers-outdoor-power-tools/pressure-washers/nilfisk-alto-deck-wall-path-slab-patio-cleaner-jet-wash-pressure-washer.html Thu, 26 May 2022 15:41:31 +0200 Keter Store It Out Max Garden Storage Box Internal dimensions: W: 132cm, D: 76cm, H:110cm. Made of plastic. Capacity 1200L. Lockable. - External size H125, W145.5, D82cm. Weight 27kg. - 2 person self-assembly. - Kerbside delivery only. - Order now for delivery within 20 days [199.99 GBP] https://www.consumerstore.com/uk/outdoor-living/garden-furniture-accessories/deck-boxes/keter-store-it-out-max-garden-storage-box.html Thu, 26 May 2022 15:41:31 +0200