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Multi-Sharp 2001 Drill Bit Sharpener (Image 1)
Multi-Sharp 2001 Drill Bit Sharpener (Image 2)
Multi-Sharp 2001 Drill Bit Sharpener (Image 3)
Multi-Sharp 2001 Drill Bit Sharpener (Main image)

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Multi-Sharp 2001 Drill Bit Sharpener

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Tags Correct tip angles Correct tip
EAN 5012718200103
Model ATT2001
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Multi-Sharp 3500 Diamond Tool Sharpener
8.25 GBP
6.62 GBP
Multi purpose sharpener for: Garden, DIY, house and hobbies Three diamond sharpening surfaces being flat, 1/2 round, groove, puts a razor-sharp edge on a wide range of small tools: Multi-tool blades, pen/utility knives, carbide tile cutters, poin
-28 % today only
Multi-Sharp 2001 Drill Bit Sharpener
19.95 GBP
14.39 GBP
MULTI-SHARP (5012718200103 / ATT2001) | Correct tip angles, Correct tip
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Multi-Sharp 1301 Multi-Purpose Blade Sharpener for Rotary Lawn Mower, Spades, Hoes, Lawn-Edgers, Shears, Axes and Other Garden Tools
13.08 GBP
8.95 GBP
Resharpens rotary mower blades to the correct angle, in minutes Reversible corundum grinding wheel gives 10 mower blade re-sharpening Also re-edges and resharpens spades, hoes, lawn-edgers, making them much easier to use Fits any powe
-25 % today only
Multi-Sharp 3001 Wetstone Chisel/Plane Blade Sharpener
27.50 GBP
20.54 GBP
MULTI-SHARP (5012718300117 / ATT3001)
-12 % today only
Multi-Sharp 3002 Aluminium Oxide Replacement Grinding Wheel for ‘Wetstone’ Chisel Sharpener
6.25 GBP
5.50 GBP
Compatibility: For use with Multi-Sharp 3001 Wetstone Water-Cooled Chisel and Plane Blade Sharpener. - Long Life: High-quality, aluminium oxide grinding wheel extends the life of your chisels and small hand tools. - Easy to Install: Full replacing instruc
-10 % today only
Multi-Sharp 1702 Chainsaw Sharpening Kit, 4.0 mm
13.75 GBP
12.36 GBP
MULTI-SHARP (5012718170222 / MS1702)
9.08 GBP
MULTI-SHARP (4032912815010 / MS1501)
13.02 GBP
Regrinds cylinder mower blades at the correct angle, accurately and fast Fits most cylinder mowers Replacement abrasives available to maintain your mower in top condition Recommended in the book 'The Lawn Expert'Product size in
11.34 GBP
MULTI-SHARP (5012718110112 / MS1101) | Cylinder mower, Lawn mower Sharpener 12″/30cm
9.64 GBP
Straight and Curved Blades: Will quickly sharpen the bluntest of tools, including anvil and bypass secateurs, pruners, loppers and pruning knives. - Quickly and Easily Sharpens: The silicon carbide abrasive puts an extremely sharp edge on in minutes, even
3.52 GBP
Aluminium oxide replacement abrasives38 cm/15 Inch - can be cut down for 32/35 cm mowers For use with multi-sharp 1109Pack of three abrasives
3.06 GBP
Compatibility: For use with Multi-Sharp 1101 Cylinder Lawn Mower Blade Sharpener with 30 cm/12-Inch Cutting Width. - Long Term Solution: Pack includes 3 self-adhesive aluminium oxide replacement abrasives to maintain your mower in top condition for many y