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Eheim Plastic Hose 3 Meter 12/16 mm (Image 1)
Eheim Plastic Hose 3 Meter 12/16 mm (Image 2)
Eheim Plastic Hose 3 Meter 12/16 mm (Image 3)
Eheim Plastic Hose 3 Meter 12/16 mm (Main image)

Eheim Plastic Hose 3 Meter 12/16 mm

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Brand Eheim
MPN 57140128
EAN 4011708401286
Model 57140128
Dimensions / Weight
Weight 0.22 kg
Dimensions 1x1x1 mm
Key Features
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17.25 GBP
Connector Tap Hose 16/22Mm - Eheim Product Number 4005510 - Eheim's High Quality Product
-22 % today only
Eheim 1048-790 230V Full Ceramic Bearing
75.99 GBP
58.99 GBP
Eheim (4011708105313 / Eheim 1048-790 230V) - Weight: 0,738 kg | Für den, Sie sich, Der Eheim Pumpe wird, Keramikachse und Keramiklagerung, Diese Pumpe wird, Ceramic bearing, Sie Die Pumpe, Mit Phobya Gewindedichtband & Um eine
67.11 GBP
Eheim (4011708250549 / 2509101) | Coarse dirt
106.00 GBP
Coarse filter material for basic cleaning as the first layer at water intake - Specially formed ceramic rings - Traps coarse dirt without slowing water flow - Can be washed and used several times
9.20 GBP
Hose for 12/16mm Eheim Product Number 4004943Eheim's High Quality Product
11.78 GBP
Hose for 9/12mm Eheim Product Number 4003943Eheim's High Quality Product
11.34 GBP
Eheim (4011708990063 / 2628130)
30.98 GBP
Smaller surface skimmer for aquariums up to 350 l - Removes surface films and microorganisms from the water surface - Promotes therefore proper gas exchange - For both long term and temporary usage - Only 5 Watt power consumption
5.37 GBP
Eheim (4011708742822 / 7480500) | EHEIM aquaball
18.99 GBP
Prefilter material for large dirt particles - Hollow ceramic rings - Suitable for fresh and marine water
9.28 GBP
Eheim (4011708722732 / FBA_7286500) | Filter canister, Filter volume, Filter pad, Fully automatic self-priming, Pump with inlet, Fully equipped with filter
5.20 GBP
Reducing Piece 16/22Mm To 12/16Mm Eheim Product Number 4004980Eheim's High Quality Product