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PocketBook e-Book Reader 'Touch HD 3'

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Corsair CX450M
159.00 EUR

Tags E-Ink Carta Audio books
EAN 7640152095252
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Weight 0.34 kg
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18.16 GBP
POCKETBOOK (7640152092640 / PBPUC-8-BR)
19.90 GBP
POCKETBOOK (7640152094583 / JPB626(2)-BS-P)
107.21 GBP
POCKETBOOK (7640152095030 / PB616W-H-WW) | Supported book formats
175.59 GBP
Non-reflective E-Ink Carta touchscreen with SMARTlight regulated light colour and brightness - Bluetooth interface for connecting wireless headphones, so you can enjoy audio books without restriction - 18 popular books, four picture and two audio formats
109.37 EUR
POCKETBOOK (7640152094620 / PB626(2)-G-WW)
17.46 GBP
Pocketbook PBPUC-650-MG-WE 6" Cover White e-book reader case7640152093135PBPUC-650-MG-WEE-Book Reader Cases
92.35 EUR
POCKETBOOK. Electronic book reader supporting over 16 e-book formats - 8gb memory with expandable micros memory card - Wi-Fi to quickly move digital content without having to connect to a pc - Change fonts, font sizes, and cuts directly during reading
7.71 GBP
POCKETBOOK (7640152094552 / JPB626(2)-BM-P)
20.14 GBP
POCKETBOOK (7640152094545 / JPB626(2)-GL-P)
7.71 GBP
The E-Reader is fixed in a fixed shockproof hard case Built-in magnets prevent the protective case from opening accidentally Compatibility: Pocket Book Basic 3 - Basic 2 - Basic Lux - Touch Lux 3 - Touch Lux 2