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CERAMIC STONE HEATER – ceramic plates provide a consistent temperature throughout the room and use less energy than a conventional fan heater - AUTOMATIC OSCILLATION AND TILT – swings 90 degrees from left to right and 45 degrees up and down in order t
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3-IN-1 FUNCTIONALITY: This air conditioner from Black and Decker has three operating modes providing air conditioning, dehumidifying and cooling. Enjoy the simplicity of programmable, electronic controls with an LED digital display with a 24-hour on/off t
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3 wind speed settings providing low, medium and high powered breeze with 45 degrees wide angle oscillation for evenly distributed air flow3 mode settings normal, natural and sleep operated by soft button control with LED indicators or remote con
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Westinghouse (4895105604880 / 7255740) | Ceiling Lighting, Cm Durchmesser, Control Vehicles, Non Electric Floorcare, Deckenventilator mit Fernbedienung, Cm Deckenventilator, Carrera RC, 6500K Standard T8 G13-18W & Mit Deckel
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Igenix (5016368056981 / DF0037) - Colour: White - Dimensions: 20 (W) x 20 (D) x 90 (H) cm - Manufacturer labour: 12 - Power Watts: 50 W - Timer function: 8 h | Speed settings
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Unbekannt (4024397363889 / 313247) | Remote control, Ceiling Fan, Fan Motor, Fan consumes, Engine consumes, Aeroplan Eco, Chrome engine, Solid wood blades, CASAFAN Eco Aeroplan, Six speeds
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Westinghouse (4895105601797 / 7879240) | Remote control, Infra-Red Remote Control, Ceiling Fan
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Efficient DC motor functions at 35 d B in night time mode Three wind speed settings low 50 d B, medium 55 d B, high 60 d B and 80 degree wide angle oscillation for evenly distributed air flow Soft touch control panel operation with 8 hours time
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Westinghouse (4895105607973 / 7250540) | Ceiling Fan, Brushed steel, Graphite blades, Ceiling fans
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Smart technology with Amazon Alexa meaning it can be controlled with voice command by Amazon Echo and other devices - The panel heater can be controlled via the Igenix Smart Home app that can be downloaded on popular app stores - Can be used freestanding
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1.5 KW heater with ceramic stone element - the hot air generated by the heater is preserved in the element which helps to maintain a consistent and efficient temperature, all while using less energy - This fan heater provides 360 Degree heat distribution
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Quiet Function: The specially designed brushless DC motor ensures a stronger airflow than standard AC motors, whilst also using less energy - LED Display: The stylish LED display helps users track through the 12 available speed settings with ease, and the
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Faro Barcelona (8421776062689 / Mini UFO) | Steel blades, Ceiling Fan, White steel, Opal glass, X E27 20W, E27 not included
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Winterwarm - a GLEN DIMPLEX brand - Blue-tooth Remote Control - Programmable seven day timer - Accurate electronic thermostat - No Plug! 3 core for fused spur installation 1/N/PE 230-240V 50Htz - Class 1 with Earth Wire - Same size as previous Winterwarm
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Faro Barcelona (8421776062726 / Timor) | Remote control, LED light, Ceiling Fan, Faro Timor, Blades maple, SMD LED 12W 3000K
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FAN, COOLER and HUMIDIFIER - This Air Cooler is the ideal solution to keeping cool and comfortable during the hot summer months; this unit can operate as a fan, humidifier or cooler and the powerful 200 W motor ensures the maximum cooling effect will be f
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Smart Path Planning, Gyroscope, setup a real-time map of the room. Build the cleaning path. - Sweep & Mop, Electronic water tank, precision water pump, protect the floor, 3 levels of water adjustment. - Super high suction power and long cleaning duration.
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ADJUSTABLE SETTINGS - 8 Hour Timer, 8 speed settings as well as 3 breeze modes - Normal for a constant flow, Natural to replicate a sporadic breeze and a desginated Sleep mode. - Multiple environments - Ideal for the home, office, conservatory, garag
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Smart technology with Alexa meaning it can be controlled with voice Commander by Echo and other devices The panel heater can be controlled via the Igenix SMART home App that can be downloaded on popular app stores Can be used freestanding o
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Three Independently Adjustable Fan Heads - each fan head has multiple speed settings that can be digitally controlled - Touch and Remote Control - you can use either the digital touch control panel or the remote control provided to adjust the fans setting
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Kaiser + Kraft (4024397432103 / 9313210) | Remote control, Fan blades, Ceiling Fan, Gray blades, Brossed chrome, Chrome gray, Mirage is a fan, Blades ceiling
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Générique (4024397364633) | Ceiling Fan, Cm from the Ceiling, Mariano PWW, Kitchen or bathroom, Blades for winter, Mariano can be installed, Fan can be installed, Blades cherry
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Kaiser + Kraft (4024397341177 / Libelle 132 BN) | Ceiling Fan, Clear Acrylic, Ceiling and the blades, Blades white acrylic, Blades clear, Options in this fan
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Evaporative air conditioner: cooling system that refreshes, ventilates and humidifies the air in the environment by lowering its temperature, eco-friendly and with less energy consumption than other cooling systems - Various functions: normal mode, breeze
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Can be operated from the fan itself or using the infrared remote control - 3 speed settings can be activated using soft switch or remote control - Housing and impeller made of impact resistant plastic
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With thermal overload protection in accordance with EN 60335-2-80 provides a long, uninterrupted service lift of the device - 65° oscillation distributes the air flow uniformly throughout the room - Powerful air flow with a reach of up to 8 m - All funct
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Kaiser + Kraft (4024397340958) | Ceiling Fan, White blades, Ceiling and the blades, White aluminum body
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Diameter of the blades: Ø 103 cm / Room size: up to 12m2 - Color of the blades: walnut / Drive: remote control - Wood blades / Installation in inclined ceiling: up to 16 ° - Low consumption DC motor / Summer - winter function
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Season price advantage from: 1 piece, speed max. rpm: 190 number of wings: 5, number of speed settings: 1. - Distance from ceiling wing: 220 mm, diameter of rotor blade: 1320 mm. Box contents: disassembled. - Depth: 270 mm, Width: 340 mm Weight: 9.66 kg -
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Kaiser + Kraft (4024397332113 / 9413211) | Remote control, Ceiling Fan, Antique Brass, Antique oak, Oak and beech blades, Telesto MA
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Unknown (4024397369584) | DC motor, Ceiling Fan, Fan Motor, ECO Neo, Engine characteristics, Cm from the Ceiling, White lacquer, Lacquer light
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Kaiser + Kraft (4024397347599) | Remote control, Ceiling Fan, Blades in white, Air destratification fan, Destratificator with a size, Power of the blades, Destratification fan, H In version