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Early learning centre figurines | Baby

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15.99 EUR
Great for driving around the room Encourages talking and learning new words Enjoy playing together
18.17 EUR
Your child can enjoy playing shops with the beeping handheld scanner, chip and pin machine, working microphone and lcd screen Electronic cash register Includes eight pieces of play food, a credit card and play money
20.49 EUR
Early Learning Centre. Everything packs away into the case. - Great for practising spelling and letter recognition. - Colourful, portable and multi-functional, this desk has a magnetic chalk board.
31.99 EUR
The soft nest comes with a super soft, quilted, flower play mat that your new baby can lie on and is perfect for tummy time play when your baby is ready to roll over.
14.53 EUR
Early Learning Centre. Listen to music or learn about animals and letters - Toy touch pad with touch sensitive pretend 'screen'
36.49 EUR
Early Learning Centre. Driving cars around helps with fine motor skills - Great for playing with friends to boost social and communication skills
20.00 EUR
Early Learning Centre. Lovely for little hands to explore. - Press the bears hands, nose, foot and tummy to hear ted talk. - Press the bear's hand, foot, nose and tummy to hear ted talk and play music
19.99 EUR
Early Learning Centre. Bounce up and down and hop forwards. - Builds confidence, co-ordination and physical development. - Great for active play and building strength and fitness - Bounce up and down, and hop forwards
18.00 GBP
Portable with a carry handle Great for practising spelling and letter recognition Everything packs away into the case
31.50 EUR
Early Learning Centre. 1 x Motorised engine, 1 x Coal carriage, 1 x Train station, 1 x Sports car, 1 x Level crossing - Perfect first train set for your young child - With 3 people, station, level crossing and sports car too
47.99 EUR
Early Learning Centre. Top opens to reveal living room. - Fairies can whoosh down the slide. - Turn the handle to lower and raise basket. - Fairy treehouse with two electronic sounds. - Top opens to reveal living room
79.99 EUR
Early Learning Centre. Playing pretend will inspire your child&apos - This fantastic wooden rail table features two modes of play for endless rail and road adventures.
24.99 GBP
A fun set of 3 realistic coloured gadgets, my first gadget phone, keys and remote control your child can play with.Keys and key ring, smart phone and remote control Press the buttons for fun lights and sounds
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55.00 GBP
Join the captain and his crew aboard the happyland pirate ship and set sail for lots of swashbuckling adventures. - Set includes four pirate characters - Helps develop hand-to-eye coordination skills and motor skills
43.99 EUR
Early Learning Centre. Set includes queen, king, princess, two thrones and winged unicorn. - Great for encouraging early speaking skills. - Helps to develop hand to eye coordination skiils. - 1 x Palace, 3 x Characters, 2 x Thrones, 1 x Unicorn
30.00 GBP
The lights and sounds buggy driver is a fun-packed buggy bar that attaches to your baby's pushchair.Steering wheel, horn, gear stick, radio, mirrors and indicators Clips on to your baby's pushchair or stroller
25.00 GBP
Garage with three emergency vehicle toys Push garage buttons to release cars and trigger lights and sounds Colour coded garages to match the cars- great for helping to develop thinking skills
39.99 EUR
Early Learning Centre. Includes 2 x white chlaks, 6 x crayons and 4 x white board pens. - Includes 1 x eraser and 1 x a4 paper pad. - Portable and easy to fold and store. - Portable and easy to fold and store
25.00 GBP
Set includes car transport and 2 cars for push along fun Press the top of the car transporter to hear fun engine sounds Cars connect with magnets
38.99 EUR
Early Learning Centre. Sit Me Up Cosy lasts your baby's whole first year and beyond - Soft and supportive prop to help your baby sit safely
45.00 GBP
Comes complete with stool Can be connect to your mp3 or smart phone Record/playback feature
22.90 GBP
Learn numbers, shapes, colours and dance to the music with this fantastic laptop toy. - Teaches numbers, shapes and colours - Mirror for pretend video calls
45.00 GBP
Cute soft lamb playmat Two removable gym arches with button and clip secure fastenings,5 hanging toys - including chime mirror, rattles, squeaker
19.99 EUR
Perfect for stimulating the senses and encouraging listening and concentration skills, this set is a great group of first instruments to start making music with.