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2-IN-1: The universal cuff is ergonomically designed to fit comfortably around your knee or elbow, fitting a circumference between 25 - 70 cm. - TENS PAIN THERAPY: Drug-free pain relief for cramps, injury pain, chronic pain, tension, muscle pain or fibrom
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The bio-adhesive gel rapidly builds an invisible film which helps to protect from discomfort and pain associated with teething The soft applicator gently massages gums, so no need to use fingers Contains soothing aloe Vera Lactose, su
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Puressentiel (3701056802156 / 6265598) | Essential Oils, Pure essential oils, Puressentiel Joints, Puressentiel Muscles, Joints Pure Heat Roller, Helps to soothe, Feeling of lasting Heat, Feeling of Heat
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drug-free pain relief therapy paingone easy can be used as often as you like, without causing any side effects. the treatment only takes 15 minutes and can be repeated whenever you need it - multiple configurations paingone easy has 3 modes and 12 intensi
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… SIMPLE DEVICE: Simple to use and no side effects. Compact and portable with no fussy wires, pads or conductive gel - … NOT SUITABLE FOR: people with pacemakers or other implanted medical devices or for people with heart rhythm problems. Do not use d
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TECHNOLOGY - the Sports TENS contains both TENS and EMS technology that allow for pain relief and muscle strengthening and maintenance. Making it a great device for rehabilitation and general day to day use. - PROGRAMMES - containing 47 pre-set programmes
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NATURAL PAIN RELIEF: the Perfect Mama+ utilises TENs technology which has been used to relieve pain worldwide. Using adhesive electrodes it is a great alternative, or used in conjunction, with epidural to help relieve pain during labour - BOOST PAIN RELIE
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TENScare. Simple and easy-to-use controls, allowing the mother to remain in control of her own pain relief. - 3 preset programs specifically designed to help counter labour pain at every stage. - Detailed instruction booklet and pictorial guide
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ULTIMATE SUPPORT - The LP Patella Brace provides firm support and uniform compression for weak or overstretched knees. - SYMPTOMATIC RELIEF - This brace applies pressure on the tendon below the kneecap and assists with correct tracking giving symptomatic
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Increase muscle strength and endurance, and aid muscle rehabilitation Lightweight, slimline design with easy-to-use digital controls6 Preset EMS Programmes - including Warm Up, Endurance, Power and Bulk; 2 manual EMS programs and 2 manual
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Hemoclin (8711596580822 / 814452) | Burning and sensitivity, Anal discomfort, HemoClin Rapid, External hemorrhoids
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MAXIMUM COMFORT - The LP Knee Support Closed Patella provides firm support and uniform compression for weak or overstressed knees. It is made from the highest grade closed cell neoprene, covered with stretch nylon on both sides for comfort. - MULTIUSE - T
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[ Open Finger Design ] Allow you to touch and grip freely, Perform everyday tasks like using phone, typing, cooking, and more without interference. The opening is set at optimal length to provide the perfect balance between beneficial compression support
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Non-Slip Knee Brace: Silicone anti-slip stripes are included to prevent slipping during exercise. Knee sleeves with ergonomic 4-Way stretch compression sleeve design and Non-Slip silicone grip wave, is easy for you to slide into place and provide excellen
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PAIN RELIEF - Alleviates lower back pain and pelvic area aches and soreness. Allows for hours of sitting without experiencing any pain, aches, fatigue or soreness.ZERO CONTACT CENTER AREA - Features a cut-away space at the center for conditions
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Mini Massage Gun, Easy to carry: The new mini Massage gun, smaller size,but the same effect, more convenient to carry. The total length is only 14cm and the weight is only 0.35kg. Whether you are outdoors or indoors, you can put it in your backpack or poc
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Neck Traction for pain relief, health companion for your neck. Portable & Ergonomic, enjoy a pain relief massage every day.Restore the original state in a short period of time. - Ergonomic Traction Neck Support Pillow: Unique convex & concave which prefec
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Healthy: Made of soft and flexible lycra and silicone material, it does not hurt the body and is worth buying! - Perfect fit: Truu Me Toe Spreader ensures that close-fitting toes are separated. Fits the foot very pleasantly. Reduces pressure and unpleasan
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BARELY THERE -Through a dedicated eye for detail, Run Forever Sports has created a premium Leg Compression Sleeve ideal for your every day needs. Made of durable, high quality materials and painstakingly measured to ensure an exact fit, we make absolutely
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✅ 【 Two Massage Modes and Adjustable Speed 】Fitness mode : High speed and high torque suitable for fitness guys or professional athletes , ideal muscle massager for after gym training. Physiotherapy mode: We recommend to start with this mode on low
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OPEN-PATELLA DESIGN relieves pressure and reduces stress on the knee-joint during intense exercise and heavy usage; effectively relieves acute & chronic knee pain from arthritis, strains, sprains, and fatigue; ideal for post-surgery recovery or prevent
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🔥【Back Pain Relief】Bad posture for a long time would cause pain in the neck, spine, shoulder, back and waist. ZINUU Posture Corrector can help you straighten your back, relieve soreness, create a good posture, gradually develop the habit of good po
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✔ LOWER BACK PROTECTION: The lumbar supports designed helps to prevent injuries and improve performance during running, football, tennis, golf and gym by keeping your lower back and muscles aligned. Fit for athletes, weightlifters,heavy manual laborers
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3 IN 1 DECOMPRESSION BACK BRACE - Combined cordless heating, clinical-grade traction, physical decompression. Give you immediate & lasting relief from herniated disc, sciatica, stiffness, back pain, sore muscles, and other back conditions. - WIRELESS FAR
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Multi-purpose use:On the basis of the original lumbar traction stretching, the advantage of a memory cotton cushion is added to avoid the waist plate being too hard to hurt the lumbar vertebrae. In daily life, it can be used as a cushion for office chair
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【Ergonomic Design】Lumbar back support designed to fit the waist contours, give good lower back support and reduce driving/ working fatigue. Gives lower back support, aligned, neutral spine relaxed shoulders. Helps align your spine improve sitting post