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incubator for reptile eggs.Patented temperature control Easy to use.High security - TÜV tested.Low power consumption, only 5 W on average.
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A specially formulated breeding substrate for reptile eggs It has the right substrate humidity Ready to use straight away No water needs to be added
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Low voltage mini fan Temperature controlled fans Can be used to blow fresh air To ensure an optimal circulation Excellent for animals that need high air circulation
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With two waterproof probes for measurements in separate zones - With a clock function - It has two external sensors - The sensors can be used for measurements in water - A large display for easy readouts
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Halogen lamp for e27 base Protrude 2.5 cm from the e27Produce more heat and light than normal spot lamps Perfect for smaller terrariums Watts: 20
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Is a special clay substrate excellent for water storage Acts as drainage layer below the normal substrate Increases the humidity inside the vivarium Hydro drain is a clay substrate ideal for terrariums
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Halogen sun spot lamp Brings more light and heat on the spot Higher average life Higher resistance against spray water Watts: 50
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Designed to appear like moonlight and allow nocturnal viewing of reptiles and amphibians Leds are perfect for night time viewing as they use little energy, produce little heat and the bulbs will last for a long time If you wish to view your
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Attractive pine bark substrate Excellent for use in terrariums Absorbs humidity and binds waste inside the terrarium It covers bad odours High amounts of etherical oils
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Developed especially for tropical species Requires an external ballast Has a slightly lower uv performance Can only be used with a Lucky Reptile Bright Sun Ballast Promote the colours of plants causing a nice forest ambiance ins
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A high performance humidifier For installation outside of the terrarium Ideal for humidifying large terrariums Power can be adjusted via a knob Humidify up to 6 vivariums at once
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Low-voltage ventilation set for terrariums and aquariums. - Set with 2x 6 cm silent low-voltage 12-V fans, transformer. - Prevents damp and sticky air. - Ensures good circulation of air in the terrarium. - Perfect for chameleons and other tropical and des
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High quality snake handling tools - With a hook is less stressful for the animals - Made from aluminium - A good grip and robust
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Natural source of calcium and other minerals Prevents the beak from developing itself to unnatural sizes which is unfortunately fairly common Excellent for birds, lizards, tortoises and turtles Also actively chew on the cuttlefish bon
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Digital seconds and timer.Minimum switching time, 1 second.8 on / off switchboards, programmable for one week.Internal battery for storing the settings.Switching capacity up to 3,680 W.
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Ideal way to provide light with minimal heat in small vivariumsand small plastic transport boxes The light strip runs on a very low wattage of 2w A very cost effective way of lighting an enclosure It is splash resistant, ensuring you
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Ceramic heater for vivariums Ideal for creating hotspots Designed to create a hot spot within reptiles enclosure without providing light Ideal for heating larger terrariums thanks
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Ceramic heater for vivariums - Ideal for creating hotspots - Designed to create a hot spot within reptiles enclosure without providing light - Ideal for heating larger terrariums thanks
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(4040483631229 / HTSP-2) | Lucky Reptile, Thermo Socket PRO, Lucky Reptile Thermo Socket, Thermo Socket lampholder, Lucky Reptile Bright
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A complementary pet food for tortoises, bearded dragons, iguanas, uromastyx and other herbivorous reptiles It has good calcium-phosphorus ratio It is rich in fibre Contains crucial natural minerals and trace elements Contains da
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A combo sensor for humidity and temperature Allowing to measure the temperature in two places Can be placed outside the vivarium All measurements are made over the external sensors The device can be switched between celsius and
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Perfect for nighttimes viewing - Creates comfortable night ambiance - No disturbance for the animals - No heat development - Fits into all e27 sockets
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Lucky Reptile (4040483632226 / HTRP-1) | Thermo Socket, Taken apart, Thermo Socket plus, Reflector lamps, Sun UV lamps, UV lamps
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The daylight sun t5 is a fluorescent tube Designed to achieve a high light output and a visible spectrum Achieves 40 percent more light output than comparable t8 tubes Suitable for all terrarium animals
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High light output efficiency of the lamp Offers light, heat and uv in one lamp at low wattages Use even in small vivariums is possible Prefer a full spectrum light with a colour temperature of 6000 k Average life expectancy is a
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Dimensions: approximately 17 x 15 x 2 cm Rocky effect on outside Smooth inside for easy cleaning Dishwasher-safe Extra-flat so that your tortoise or turtle can step in and out safely Approximately 17 x 15 x 2cm Exter
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Made of hemp which is adsorbent and acts odour-inhibiting Cultured biologically and without chemicals Environment friendly substrate from regenerative sources Perfect for most snakes but also for tortoises and lizards Light and
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High quality manual pump sprayer - Adjustable metal spray head - Excellent for the daily moisturing of smaller terrariums
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Perfect external filter for turtle tanks Can be used for all other types of aquariums Ensures the reliable heating of the aquarium Low power consumption and high quietness of the pump Suitable for aquariums up to 150 litres
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High quality snake handling tools - With a hook is less stressful for the animals - Made from aluminium - A good grip and robust
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Clamp bracket for Thermo Socket lights.Allows attachment to the edge of a sink or a lamp stand.Suitable for Thermo Socket Plus Reflector, Thermo Socket model HTS-4 and Thermo Socket Pro model HTSP-4.Easy to retrofit.
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A very balanced uv spectrum Important for the synthesis of vitamin d3Excellent colour rendering of over 90 ra Ensured an optimal vitamin d3 supply to animals Perfect for aboreal and montane reptiles
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Contains different kinds of dried flowers Great reat for reptiles Rich in crude fibre and natural vitamins Excellent and healthy addition to the diet Excellent for tortoises, bearded dragons and iguanas