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★【HIGH-QUALITY ASSURANCE】Compliant with ROHS, SGS and CE standards. Translucent heat shrink tubing provides high tensile strength as well as resistance to stretch and mechanical damage. With a 3:1 shrinkage ratio, the tubing is easy to shrink and a
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8 Types SC Cold End Termination 100% Inspection Quality Copper Cable Terminal - 100% TIN PLATED COPPER. High Electrolytic Grade Copper Terminals outlast and outperform others. - PRECISION FIT. High-tolerance dies are used in the molding process. Flared op
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Complete Crimp Tool Kit – Every order comes with a crimping tool and 1200 insulated wiring terminals to support small DIY projects and large electrical repairs. - Crimping tool peculiarity:durable and compact structure,for insulated and non-insulated co
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【Ratcheting Crimp Plier】 Ratchet crimping pliers components are made of special carbon steel,handle material is TPU Insulated Rubber.Has an adjustable locking device and a pressure point release,Crimping force can be presetted which make crimping qual
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Package includes: 6 types of 150-piece kits - open barrel copper ring wire crimp lugs including 3.2mmx50, 4.2mm/x20, 5.2mm/x20, 6.2mm/x20, 8.2mm/x20, 10.2mm/x20. - Non-insulated mixed male and female spade crimp terminal connector kit including 6 type. -