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Aluminium oxide - Two angled faces and guide disc - For sharpening cutting edges - Suitable for use with all power drills - Maximum 4500 rpm
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Used in conjunction with a standard bench grinder - The attachment gives fast and accurate sharpening - Twist drills from 3 mm-19 mm diameters
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Strong, cast steel pocket-hole jig with built-in clamp & removable drill guide for creating strong, invisible joints in wood - Ideal for construction & in-situ repairs of cupboards, cabinets, frames & similar structures - Features 2 x hardened steel-lined
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The spherical head can be rotated 360 degree - For flexible positioning of the work light syslite kal and kal II - Get more out of the syslite with even more options for placing the light where you need it most - An integrated magnetic base with a protect
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HEPA filter to remove 99.97 Percent of all particles large than 0.3 micro m - Auto power on when drilling and auto power off with 2 sec overrun after releasing trigger - Lightweight - 1200 g
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Suitable for use in a drill chuck, for removing pinstripes or double-sided tape from panel work prior to Refinishing.
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Universal: Drilling at right angles, whether in round materials, on corners or simply in the 90 ° angle on surfaces: with the mobile drilling gauge of KWB no problem - High precision: Precise aluminum milled guide jacks ensure, supported by position line
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Wolfcraft. The versatile mobile drill stand transformed in the base plate in a stationary drill - The additional handle for precise placement and against skidding when drilling - The straight guide for holes in a line
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for exact marking of dowel holes - for wood, plywood, chipboards, fibre boards - drill with precision-ground rough cutter and centering tip - depth of cut set by depth stop
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Grain cast iron woodworking bench vice fitted - Quick release mechanism - Allow jaw to slide freely - Along the buttress thread screw - Adjustable front dog
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Drill stand with cast iron base for vertical drilling using a hand drill - Supplied with 65mm drill vice with quick jaw release. - Features a preset depth control and stop for drilling depths of up to 60mm, ideal for accurate and repetitive drilling. - Fo
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multi material blade for cutting through many different materials Accessories fit all common oscillating tools Quick & easy blade change
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Bit Size: 6mm.Extend the life of the drill bit.For secure positioning for quick & accurate drilling.Uses self adhesive pads for secure positioning.Water delivery & collection cups for clean drilling.
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Bit Size: 8mm.Extend the life of the drill bit.For secure positioning for quick & accurate drilling.Uses self adhesive pads for secure positioning.Water delivery & collection cups for clean drilling.
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Brüder Mannesmann Werkzeuge. Conveyance height up to 15 metres - A maximum flow rate 1.500 litres per hour at 3000 revolutions per minute - Self-priming, chemical-resistant rotor, therefore suitable for almost all liquids
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✔ With AVS vibration reduction system. - ✔ Great ability to strike, for the most demanding demolition jobs. - ✔ Soft start system that facilitates chiseling. - ✔ With FIXTEC quick change system, no tools. - ✔ With safety clutch, which protects t
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