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Combination Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Detectors

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Battery-powered combination alarm that offers protection from the dual dangers of smoke and carbon monoxide in a single unit for added convenience - the voice alarm feature audibly announces which danger has been detected. - Designed to be wall- or ceilin
99.00 EUR
Nest. Tells you what's wrong and where the problem is - Detects smoke and Carbon Monoxide - Voice alarms with custom location
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2-IN-1 PROTECTION: Equipped with both photoelectric and electrochemical CO sensors that work independently of each other; instantly notifies you when dangerous smoke or CO concentration is detected while minimizing false alarms; provides the ultimate prot
94.20 EUR
Nest (0854448003778 / S3003LWGB) - Next Day Delivery - Grey - Wired - Smart Smoke Alarms - Height: 135 mm - Number of sensors: 4 - Operating range: 20 ft - Sensor type: Temperature, Humidity, Occupancy, Ambient Light
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Thermoptek multi-sensor rapidly detects fast flaming and slow smouldering fires - Toast proof less prone to nuisance alarms from cooking fumes - Test and hush button feature - Product life span: 10 year. Warranty: 5 year. Battery life: 5 year 2 x AA alkal
12.00 GBP
Fireangel (0816317004422 / SW1-R) - Batteries included - 9V (PP3) - Fixings supplied - Does Not Apply - Mains operated with battery backup - Battery life: 1 year - Colour description: White - Height: 4.5cm | Smoke Alarm
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Ideal for bedrooms & living areas One alarm protects against two deadly threats Advanced optical sensing technology reduces false alarms Advanced electrochemical technology for better CO detection Easy alarm identification with
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Detects combustible gas leak - Methane, natural gas, coal gas, gasoline, alcohol, ketone and other flammable gases.Flex Probe - 12 inches flex probe with a highly sensitive sensing tip locates leaking spot effortlessly.Audible And Visual
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simply easy it stick smoke Smart cleverish Twist design, assistance with 3M tape to install the Mini on the ceiling / wall without damage Reddot Design Award. And can get. - Sensitive optoelectronic sensor with fault self-discovery function and test butto
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Connected smoke alarm and carbon monoxide detector.Analyses, speaks and will alert you on your mobile phone - Nest Protect sends you a message in the event of a problem or if the batteries are low.When it detects a danger, Nest Protect em