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Enders Game

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Category - Space Opera
Brand PowerbookMedic
ISBN 0812550706
EAN 9780812550702
MPN 9780812550702
AR level5.5
AR quiz number28441
AR quiz points16
AuthorOrson Scott Card
CharactersDink, Bernard, Valentine Wiggin, Peter Wiggin, Mazer Rackham...more, Alai, Hyrum Graff, Andrew Wiggin, Petra Arkanian, "Bean", Major Anderson, Bonzo, Major Imbu...less
Grade level7 - 12
Guided reading levelZ
ImprintTor Books
Literary awardsHugo Award for Best Novel (1986), Nebula Award for Best Novel (1985)
Original titleEnder's Game
Publish DateJuly 1994
PublisherTor Books
SubjectScience fictionFiction & related items
Type of bookFiction
Year published1994

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