Terms and Conditions

By entering our store, the User declares to know and accept the current terms of use.

The terms of use, as well as its modifications, will be in force immediately on this website. The use of the store implies acceptance of all terms by the User. In case of not accepting the terms or any change or modification of these you must not continue using our store.


Beginning and Ending

These terms of use imply a contract that will take effect as soon as the User accepts the store’s terms of use and/or services and will remain in force until the current contract is cancelled, by the User or by ClubTiendas. The User may terminate this agreement at any time, as long as it is done for the future avoiding the use of this store and/or being a Registered User, by renouncing their registration and following the procedure specifically provided for it.

ClubTiendas may also terminate this contract at any moment sending valid notification of such termination to the physical address or email that the User had registered at the store. Likewise, ClubTienda may cancel the User’s condition without notice, and consequently deny access to the store’s Services or to purchasing through this means, if the User does not comply with any term or provision of these Terms of Use. This clause will apply whether or not the person is a registered User.

ClubTiendas may at any moment, temporarily or permanently cancel this store.

Use of Services

The User declares that the information provided during the registration process will be accurate, correct and current committing themselves on reporting on any changes, being in turn entirely responsible to ClubTiendas for the damages that the breach of this obligation may cause, including but not limited to costs of user’s physical location, and notification costs, etc.

The User accepts that the services will be used exclusively for the purposes stipulated in (a) the Terms of Service and (b) any applicable rule or regulation whether it is of a municipal, provincial or national nature. Including but not limited to laws, decrees, ordinances, resolutions, directives, etc. The User agrees not to disclose his or her password to third parties that are not authorized by the User to access his account.


Area of Applicability

These terms of use are applicable to any product purchase at ClubTiendas. The placement of an order supposes the User’s express acceptance of the current Terms of Use. If you don’t agree with (or cannot meet) any of the rules in the Terms of Use, you cannot use our store. All the information provided at the time of registration as a user or in any other act that store’s online procedure requires, must be accurate and truthful. Providing inaccurate or false information constitutes a serious violation of these Terms of Use. Confirming your purchase at the end of the process, the User agrees to accept the acquired items and pay their price, finalizing a purchase agreement.


Reference to Third Parties

References to names, brands, products or third party services or hypertext links to websites or third party information on the virtual store are provided solely as a convenience to the user and in no way, constitute or imply endorsement, sponsorship or recommendation by ClubTiendas to the third party, their information products or services. ClubTiendas has no control over their practices or polices of these third parties, or the content of the websites of any third party and there’s no need of a declaration or promises with respect to third party promises or services, or with the content or accuracy of any material stored in these third-party websites. If the User decides to follow a link to any of these sites, he or she does it at their own risk and responsibility.

Order Acceptance

Please, keep in mind that it could happen that after an order is approved, for many reasons ClubTienda not in condition to accept it totally or partially and has to cancel or exclude from it some of the ordered items. Some situations may lead to, either due to limitations on the quantities available for purchase; Missing goods; Inaccuracies or errors in the product or information; Or problems identified by the Department of Credit Fraud Prevention and Pricing. We may require additional information or verification before accepting any order. If you cancel all or part of an order or if you need additional information to accept your order, we will get in contact you. In every case that a modification or partial cancellation of your order, the User will always have the right to cancel all of it.


Shipment and Payment Method

Once an order has been confirmed and the amount of your invoice approved, unless there are exceptional inconveniences for the acceptance of the order by ClubTiendas, that will be properly notified. The signature of the consignee and / or of the proof of payment will imply declaration of conformity with the merchandise delivered, without any damage to the rights that may correspond to the user in the event that the merchandise proves to be defective.


Information / Prices

ClubTiendas strives to provide accurate pricing information, however errors can be made. In the event that an item appears in the store at an incorrect price due to an error, ClubTiendas will have the right to correct the order by invoicing the current price at the moment of purchase of the order in the store. In this case, the User will be notified of the error, and the possibility of cancelling or modifying the purchase of the product that was invoiced or offered with at an incorrect price.



ClubTiendas reserves the right to include advertisements in the shop, which will be identified in order to distinguish them from the information about the description and price of the items offered. These advertising inclusions are intended solely to draw users' attention to certain offers and do not replace descriptions of the products made in the store corresponding to the item that the User has to use to evaluate and make their purchase online.


Quantity Limits and sales to Dealers

ClubTiendas reserves the right, when it has reason to justify it, to limit the number of items purchased per person, per household or by order. These restrictions may apply to orders placed by the same account and also to orders using the same billing and / or delivery address


Copyright & Trademarks

Unless otherwise noted, copyright, trademarks, trade dress and / or other intellectual property rights in and to any and all store content are owned, or controlled or licensed, by ClubTiendas and are protected by the corresponding international treaties on intellectual property. The compilation (i.e., collection, sequence, structure, organization and assembly) of all content of this store is the exclusive property of ClubTiendas and is also protected by intellectual property treaties. ClubTiendas and / or its suppliers expressly reserve all intellectual property rights in all texts, products, processes, technology, content and other materials that appear in this store.  Access to this store does not confer to anyone any intellectual property rights of ClubTiendas or any third party, unless it is stated with an express authorization from ClubTiendas. The names and logos of ClubTiendas and all related products and service names, design marks and slogans are the trademarks or service marks of ClubTiendas. All other trademarks are the property of their respective registrants. Access to this store does not authorize anyone to use any name, logo or mark in any way.


Prohibitions to the User and their Responsibilities.


It is strictly forbidden for the User to exploit in any way the information acquired through the store. You may not reproduce the texts or images of the advertisements for purposes other than your own personal reminder. The User is liable for any contractual or extracontractual liability arising from acts as a User of the store and agrees to hold harmless ClubTiendas, with respect to and against any claim by third parties, arising out of or relating to improper use of the store or the violation of these Conditions of Use and their respective modifications, or arising out of such use and / or because of any comments posted by the User in the store.


Modifications to the Terms of Use

In the event that these Conditions of Use are modified, such modifications will be published on this page. ClubTiendas does not have the possibility to notify each one of the Users individually, except through the publication in the store, reason why the User agrees to verify continuously the Terms of Use with any use that they make the store, understanding that at the beginning each session they accept the terms of use that are current and published at that time in the form and with the effects established in the current Terms of Use.



The Terms of Use represent the entire agreement between the parties and supersede all prior agreements that may exist between them. Titles used in these Terms of Use are for reference purposes only and do not in any way define or limit the scope of the provision they title. If any provision thereof is deemed unenforceable for any reason, such provision shall be amended only to the extent necessary to make it enforceable and the other terms of this Agreement shall remain in full force and effect. The inaction of ClubTiendas with respect to a breach of this agreement by the User or by others does not constitute a waiver and will not limit the rights of ClubTiendas with respect to such breach or subsequent infractions.


Applicable law, resolution of disputes, procedural measures and notifications.

Any dispute related to this contract or to the use that the User makes of this store will be resolved by the ordinary courts of competent jurisdiction according to the current legislation and applicable to the relationship of consumption existing between the parties.

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