Monin Premium Caramel Sugar Free Syrup 1 L
Powerful, deep smell and very specific burnt caramel flavour Used with coffee, lattes, cappuccinos, martinis, juices, teas Offers a sweet sensation without the usual metallic aftertaste that you experience with other sweeteners Availa
Monin - Grenadine Syrup - 700ml
Slightly acidic taste, subtle combination between the roundness of vanilla and the tartness of red berries Used with alcoholic or non alcoholic cocktails, sodas, lemonades Used in cocktails from a Shirley Temple to Tequila Sunrise Ava
Monin Gingerbread Sugar Free 1000ml
Sugar Free Gingerbread Syrup1 Litre Plastic Bottle
Monin Premium Raspberry Syrup 700 ml
Nose of ripe raspberry, slightly acidic, raspberry candy taste Used with teas, sodas, coffees without milk, (hot milk can cause curdling), fruit punches, cocktails, smoothies, milkshakes Sweet, fragrant and subtle aftertaste, an almost-melt
Fsmisc Neutradol 1-Touch Odour Destroyer
Addis Housewares Limited Brand Original High Quality Ideal for home and office use General Cleaning
Monin Premium Peach Syrup 700 ml
Long lasting white peach smell and taste Used with cocktails, fruit punches, lemonades, sodas, smoothies, teas Monin Peach has an unusual rich flavour and aromatic fragrance Available in brilliant, light gold orange colour Volum
Monin Premium Mojito Mint Syrup 700 ml
Spearmint smell, perfectly balanced taste of cane sugar and spearmint Used with coffees, chocolates, teas, fruit punches, smoothies, sodas, lemonades Monin Mojito Mint is a refreshing mint and lime flavour that can be used beyond the bar in
Abbey Plastic Dustpan and Brush Set, Yellow
Yellow colour With hanging hook for storage and a rubber lip for effective and efficient sweeping Dustpan and soft brush
Monin Premium Green Mint Syrup 700 ml
Strong peppermint smell, refreshing mint mouth feel Used with cocktails, chocolates, mochas, flavoured milks, sodas, teas, lemonades The striking emerald green colour and natural aromatic flavour of Green Mint syrup will make stunning layer
Monin - Donut Syrup - 700ml
Donut flavoured syrup Perfect for making cocktails, hot chocolates and milkshakes Suitable for commercial or home use Store in cool, dry place Kosher-Friendly
Kärcher 15 m Pipe and Drain Cleaning Kit for K2 - K7 Series Domestic Pressure Washers
Genuine replacement cleaning hose (15m) for your Karcher vacuum cleaner.Compatible machines: K 2 Car, K 2 Compact, K 2 Full Control, K 3 Premium, K 4 Premium, K 4 Silent, K 5 Compact Car, K 5 Premium, K 5 Premium Full Control,H38 K 7 Premium, K2
LECUBE Dustbin Liners, 92L Capacity | Pack of 100 Liners | Ideal for High Volume Environments | Handy Dispenser Box
Le Cube Dustbin Liners, Pack of 100.These dustbin liners are constructed of robust, heavy-duty polypropylene for superb durabilityh, even when full.Ideal for use in high volume environments such as catering, schools and factories.Th
Douwe Egberts Pure Gold Continental Instant Coffee 750 g (Pack of 1)
Pure Gold for a rich and aromatic cup of coffee Made from Arabica beans Roasted and freeze-dried Resealable catering tin locks in freshness Approximately 417 servings
Kärcher 500ml Hard Floor Cleaner Sealed Wood Detergent
2-In-1 cleans and cares in one step, leaving a pleasant fresh citrus scent.Streak-free cleaning which gives wooden floors a silky matt shine.Formulated moisture protection
Monin Premium Speculoos Syrup 700 ml
Speculoos taste with a strong cinnamon base Used with cocktails, coffees, mochas, flavoured milks, teas, dessert drinks Perfect biscuit taste that will add a sweet and gourmet touch to your cocktails, coffees and favourite pastries.A
Monin Premium Pistachio Syrup 700 ml
Roasted almonds, powder almond aftertaste, pleasant, sweet pistachio flavour Used with cocoas, coffees, milkshakes, dessert drinks, white chocolate With its deep green colour Monin Pistachio syrup is particularly useful for dessert drinks o
Monin Premium Maple Spice Syrup 700 ml
Aroma of maple with gingerbread hints, distinctive maple syrup flavour with cinnamon and cloves notes Used with lattes, cappuccinos, americanos, iced coffees, juices, martinis, dessert drinks A subtle hint of spice provides a delightful fla
Monin Premium Pomegranate Syrup 700 ml
Red berries like cherry, redcurrant, cranberry, slightly sweet with a light acidic taste Used with cocktails, martinis, daiquiris, iced teas, lemonades Bring to your signature cocktails the perfect balance of the pomegranate taste with an a
Monin Vanilla Frappe Mix 1.36kg Tub - Flavoured Coffee Powder for Coffee Shops
ROBERT SCOTT GM60C Dust Control Sweeper, 600 mm
Complete sweeper for dusting and cleaning Electrostatic action attracts and holds fine dust Sweeper head made from synthetic acrylic Sturdy aluminium handle with swivel attachment for mobility600 mm (24") wide model
Bentley SPC/ LB01 Heavy Duty Lobby Replacement Broom
Replacement broom Ultra fine bristles allow for effective and efficient sweeping Long handle improves the stance of the user Very hardwearing Broom handle: 950mm
Monin Chocolate Hazelnut Flavoured Sauce 500ml - Rich, Smooth Sauce for Desserts and Hot Drinks
Chocolate hazelnut flavoured sauce For use in coffee, hot chocolate, smoothies and ice cream toppings Squeeze dispenser bottle Suitable for commercial or domestic use Perfect for making rich, mouthwatering cocktails
Monin Premium Tarte Citron Syrup 700 ml
Nose of citrus and crusty pie, slightly acidic, rich lemon egg cream taste with notes of crumble pie Used with milkshakes, cocktails, dessert drinks, granitas Developed to re-create the taste of the famous American Key Lime Pie and Lemon Me
Kärcher floor care, 6.295-777.0
Optimum Care and dirt Freshens auf Verleiht matt finish Gut to polish
Monin Premium Jasmine Syrup 700 ml
Nose of fresh cut jasmine flowers, delicate, sweet flower taste Used with teas, cold milks, cocktails Create pretty, feminine drinks and Asian inspired cocktails, smoothies and teas with Monin Jasmine syrup Available in white, slightl
2Work 2W03984 750 ml Multi-Surface Trigger Spray, Pack of 1
Brand Original High Quality Ideal for home and office use General Cleaning A little goes a long way
Katrin 231608 Classic Kitchen roll, 2-Ply, white (Pack of 32)
Extra soft and highly functional Suitable for environments with low to medium usage Approved for direct contact with food Certified under the Nordic and EU Eco Labels32 rolls
Monin Chocolate Frappe Mix 1.36kg Tub - Flavoured Coffee Powder for Coffee Shops
Monin Chocolate Frappe Mix For Smoothies and Milkshakes Hot and Iced Coffees
Pledge 7511528 400 ml Furniture Polish
Brand Original High Quality Ideal for home and office use General Cleaning A little goes a long way
Fsmisc 400 ml Maxima Clean Shine Furn Polish
Brand Original High Quality Ideal for home and office use General Cleaning A little goes a long way