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Stanley (3253562650146 / 2-65-014) - Colour: Multicolour - Assorted | Blade length, Grip handle, Cushion Grip Screwdriver, Cushion Grip, Flared tip width, Pozidriv tip, Stanley Cushion Grip, Torque and comfort
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DEWALT (5035048535196 / DT71521-QZ) | Strength and durability, Screwdriver Bits, PZ2 Bits, Tic Tac Box, Dewalt DT71521-QZ, DT71521-QZ PZ2, Ideal for driving
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Most regularly with 2 specific screwdrivers Includes 2 x Kraftform insulated handles and 15 interchangeable17 Piece VDE Insulated set is designed for the Professional User Kraftform Kompakt VDE 60i+i S/62i/65i/67i/17Multi-compo
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39-Piece Screwdriver Bit Set Colour coded for easy recognition1/4" HEX ratchet drive Robust plastic case
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As a leading manufacturer for power tools accessories, Bosch offers the ideal accessories for virtually all applications.It is our aim to develop appropriate accessories for more efficient working.The research and development departments
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Multi construction drill bits Suitable for drilling in most materials such as masonry, brick, light building materials, multi-layer materials, ceramics and tiles, wood, plastic, an metals Centring tip for a precise drilling start and good g
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Cushion grip Chrome vanadium steel bar Soft grip handle Bars made from chrome vanadium steel Soft grip handle gives the good combination of great grip plus reduced fatigue Colour coded for easy identification of the right
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Makita (0088381709927 / P-79142) | Makita P-79142, Piece Screwdriver and Ratchet, Ratchet and Screwdriver, P-79142 Screwdriver
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Ideal for heavy duty use - Can be used with high voltage impact drivers - Manufactured from specially formulated V steel alloy for extreme toughness - Features torsion control to withstand the stresses of high torque applications - Black oxide Finish
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Bahco (7314150283378 / BHB220.015) | Alloy steel, Bahco B220, VDE Insulated, VDE 1000V, Insulated Screwdriver, High-performance alloy steel, Screwdriver Set 1000V, Slotted and Pozidriv, Mm slotted, Mm Pozidriv
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For use with all impact drivers and standard drill drivers. - Can be used with high voltage impact drivers. - Made from specailly formulated V steel alloy. - Highly durable. - Perfect for heavy duty usage.
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61 Chrome vanadium steel bits - Assortment of screwdriver bits for all jobs - Bits include: Slotted, Pozi, Phillips, Hex, Hex Security, Star, Star Tamperproof & Spanner. - Magnetic bit holder 1/4 inch Hex Drive - Sturdy plastic storage case
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Includes HSS and Masonry drill bits for general applications.Specially designed for the workshop or mobile technician This kit includes long length screwdriver bits or easier access to deep seated screws
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This handy set comes in a hard plastic case - Made from HSS quality steel - Extremely bend-resistant
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Stanley (3253560626945 / XTHT0-62694) | Insulated Screwdriver, VDE Insulated Screwdriver, Hardened tips, X Borneo, Stanley XTHT0-62694 FatMax, FatMax VDE, VDE Insulated Screwdrivers, Stanley XTHT0-62694 & Bar for reduced
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Chrome plated bar ensuring resistance to corrosion Soft grip handle for excellent comfort and control Smooth domed end ensures fast spinning action with speed and comfort Large diameter handle which offers great torque needed for driv
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Slim insulation which allows access without modification.Tri-material handles with soft-grip provide torque transmission and control.Hardened tips ensure a longer working life.Individually tested to 10,000 Volts.Feature slim
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Screwdriver set - Torx T4 / T5 / T6. Extremely useful set of screwdrivers for safe opening of mobile devices.
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25 Piece DT70708 Drill Drive Set is supplied in a TOUGH CASE+. - Item Package Quantity: 1 - Model Number: DEWDT70708QZ - Country of origin:- China
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Expert Quality, tested to 10k V - Suitable for working on live circuits of 1k V AC and 1.5k V DC - SCVM steel blades hardened, tempered and chemically blacked - Interchangeable insulated blades deep set into handles - precision or high torque types - for
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Stainless blades prevent "rust" through cross-contamination - 1,000V VDE individually tested to EN60900: 2012 - Kraftform handle for comfort during intensive use - Laser tip reduces screw-driving effort and prevents screw head damage - Industrial service
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Screwdrivers for slotted, cross-recess Phillips and Pozidriv screws and Torx - Multi-component Kraftform handle for high working speeds and ergonomic screwdriving - Handle markings for simplified finding and sorting of the tools - Model number: 0510563000
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Useful kit for most drilling applications - Use with power drill for drilling wood, steel and masonry - Also includes wood cutting holesaws - Accessory set designed for use with drill drivers, combi drills and impact drivers. - Includes a tic tac containe
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Stanley (3253565625738 / STA562573) - Colour: Multicolour - Red, Yellow - Chrome Vanadium | Grip handle, Fast spinning action, Speed and comfort, Torque and reduces, Screwdriver tip, 5mm x 75mm
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VDE Screwdrivers are tested against 10,000 volts and guaranteed to protect against 1,000 volts Heavy duty plastic sheath running the length of the bar protects the user from live current Chrome vanadium steel bar allows for high torque and
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66 Piece Great value for money Comes in a Makpac type 1 case which offers additional storage underneath the top tray as well as being able to be stacked onto other Makita Makpac cases
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25PC Kraft form Micro screwdriver set, stored in a robust and compact roll-up pouch - Significantly reduced fastening times - Fast-turning zone and power zone ensure high torque transfer - Precision zone permits the user superior feedback during fine adju
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Individually tested VDE interchangeable blades for safe working up to 1, 000 volts - 2x multi-component Kraftform VDE blade-holding handles for ergonomic working - Extra-slim blades allow sunken screws and spring elements to be accessed and actuated - Mul
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For slotted and Pozidriv PZ head screws - For work on live equipment up to 1000 volts - Finished blade black oxidized, entirely hardened
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Fully rated 1, 000V - individually Tested as per 60900 - Black point tips – for improved corrosion protection and an exact fit into the screw - Ergonomic kraftform handle – prevents hand injuries such as blisters and calluses - Increased grip and rapi