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Self-adhesive sign warning of hot surfaces - Universal symbol and colour scheme - Keep employees informed to prevent accidents - Self-adhesive backing - no need for tools - Size: A5
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This sign has been designed to warn customers, employees and visitors of the risk of electric shock - The universal symbol and recognisable yellow and black colour scheme instantly categorises this as a warning sign on sight - The handy self-adhesive back
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PVC sign informing employees and visitors that hearing protection must be worn - Keeps employees and visitors safe - Universal symbol and colour scheme - Durable PVC easily mounted to walls and doors - Reads 'Hearing Protection Must Be Worn'
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Safety sign for water fire extinguishers - Universal symbols and colour scheme - Instantly recognisable to users - Professional and informative - Details safe applications for water fire extinguishers
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This sign details safe applications for dry powder fire extinguishers - Simple to understand - This self-adhesive Sign measures 280mm x 90mm
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This sign indicates to all Site users the position of Fire alarms, to avoid any confusion in the event of an emergency - It conforms to BS EN ISO 7010 where applicable and is instantly recognisable to customers, employees and visitors - This pack contains
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SIGNSLAB (5022905711886 / SR71188) - Type: Fire Safety Signs | Fire exits, Fire Exit, Recognisable symbol and Sign, Fire exits to customers, Customers and employees, E98A/S Safety, Self-Adhesive E98A/S & Exit Running Man
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SIGNS & LABELS (5022905712142 / SR71214) - Colour: Green/White | Product Type, Colour scheme, Sign Type, Safety Sign, Employees informed, Aider Is Sign, 150x200mm Sign, E42A/S Safety Sign, Self-Adhesive E42A/S
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SIGNSLAB (5022905712609 / SR71260) - Type: Fire Safety Signs | Fire door, 100x100mm Sign, KM72A/S Safety, Self-Adhesive KM72A/S, Safety signs fire Door, Locked 100x100mm, KM72A/S sign
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SIGNSLAB (5022905720796 / SR72079) - Type: General Safety Signs | Employees and customers, Smoking Signs, Smoking Sign, Recognisable symbol, Smoking areas, Rigid PVC Sign, SR72079 Safety, SR72079 Sign
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The ideal small first aid kit to administer first aid to minor burns and scalds - Ideal for the home, kitchen or when travelling - Compact and lightweight - Small enough to keep in in your handbag or pocket - Contains all the essentials for minor burns an
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Suitable for securing dressing Pads in place over the wound area - This waterproof tape from Wallace Cameron is designed to keep dressings and bandages in place even when exposed to water - The specially formulated adhesive is oil and latex free
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Ideal for use in hospitals, doctor's surgeries, first aid and health centres - Can be applied quickly and easily to fingers or toes, due to the roll and twist design - For quickly and easily covering and treating finger injuries
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Provides effective first aid to finger injuries - Easy to apply dressings to cover wound - Stretchy material for greater flexibility - Non-adherent pads make them easier to apply - Clean and sterile dressing solution
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Wide vision anti-scratch, anti-mist lens. - Unvented. - Soft and flexible for extra comfort. - Adjustable wide headband. - Available in 2 frame colours.
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Phoenix (5032548101845 / 831775) - Colour: White - Type: Cash Safes | External dimensions, Phoenix Fortress, Double bitted, Fixing bolts for concrete
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Versatile truck for carrying heavy files and boxes - Folds into flat-pack carry form and unfolds in seconds - Holds foolscap lever arch and box files - Twin wheels for easy mobility - Includes lid to protect contents from weather or dust
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Secure cabinet providing storage for multiple keys - Durable and scratch resistant steel construction - Smart grey powder coated finish - Sturdy metal key Hooks that accommodate most key fobs - Secure cylinder metal lock complete with two keys
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Gorilla Tubs (0729848007292 / GORSHOVELYEL) | Plastic Shovel, Shifting and lifting, Gorilla Shovel, Red Gorilla 119/1PPY
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Nilfisk (5703887128663 / 128500956) | Nilfisk Alto, Accessories included, Clean car, Foam sprayer, Car cleaning, Auto Nozzle, Wheel arches, Designed for cleaning, Longer cleaning, Included is an auto
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Masking tape for painting or spraying - Protects walls, surfaces and parts from paint - Light adhesive protects surfaces from damage - 24 mm thick tape supplied on 50 m rolls - Pack of 12 rolls
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FORMAT (7322540182286 / 7322540182286) - Colour: White - Type: Paper Towels | Tork White Wiping Paper, Wiping paper, 2-Ply Paper, Sheets 255m, Absorbent with QuickDry, 255m roll, 255m White, W1 and W2
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High performance, lightweight filler For general interior repairs Will not shrink or sag Surface dry in 15 minutes Smooth texture - no need for sanding
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Sellotape (5010305051220 / 783895) | Double sided, Sellotape Outdoor Sticky Fixers, Permanent Outdoor, Resistant to water, Sticky Fixers, X Sellotape Outdoor
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Perfect as a digital angle gauge when fitting skirtings and cornices, shelves into alcoves and many other uses, wherever an angle needs to be taken, the DAR/200 introduces new measuring options and is the digital angle finder that will step up to the p
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Liquid Silicone Technology - The New lip-technology with the use of 'liquid silicone' allows cleaning from the upper edge to the ground without interruption ensuring perfect streak-free cleaning result right up the edge. - 100 Minute Battery Run-Time - T
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On/off switch on handle , Power input - 1.2000 Watts , Power output - 650 W - SDS system for easy insertion of the template guide - Vacuum adaptor and clamping lever - Speed adjustment via setting wheel - Column guides with protective rubber sleeves
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Achieves a professional finish quickly and accurately and can be used for countersinking and also for counterboring applications to allow a suitably sized plug to be fitted over the screwhead.Perfect for uniform countersinking where the screws a
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Carry handle - ergonomically formed carry handle ensures easy transportation - Storage - space-saving on-board accessory and cable storage - Long handle for a improved working posture. Suction hose 1.9 m, 35 mm - Special cartridge filter. "Pull & Push" lo
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Multi purpose sharpener for: Garden, DIY, house and hobbies Three diamond sharpening surfaces being flat, 1/2 round, groove, puts a razor-sharp edge on a wide range of small tools: Multi-tool blades, pen/utility knives, carbide tile cutters, poin
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550W motor with E-Drive technology delivering increased cutting power30cm cutting swath for fast, efficient cutting Trim & Edge feature for neat borders & edging Wheel guide for precision edging Extendable telescopic pole for p
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Flex Metal Uni Shank S922 BF - Content: 5x Flex Metal Uni Shank S922 BF - EAN: 3165140093507 - Range of application: metal - Content: 5 pieces - Total length: 150 mm
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As a leading manufacturer for power tools accessories, Bosch offers the ideal accessories for virtually all applications.It is our aim to develop appropriate accessories for more efficient working.The research and development departments
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